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    What about director's notes?

    pizzafilms Level 1

      Directors and writer/directors need a way to attach many different kinds of notes to the script, and specifically, to a scene.


      For example:

      - Character notes: Objectives and acting notes for each character in a scene

      - Writing notes: Alternate dialog lines, etc.

      - Camera notes: Shots, angles, lenses

      - Department notes: For wardrobe, or VFX, or art dept, etc.


      These notes need to stay in sync with the script, and be easily viewed and printed as needed.


      Typically, a director will create an Excel or Word document with all these notes, and as soon as the script changes, sync (page numbers, scene headings, scene numbers) is lost. Another method has been to write these notes on the back side (left hand facing page) of the script page so as to be visable alongside the current script page. But again, once a script change is made, sync is lost.


      These notes need to be a LIVING PART OF THE SCRIPT.


      As far as I can tell, no current software has anything like this.


      Is there anyway that Story can do something like this?