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    Project in PRE10 will burn as blu-ray but will not burn as DVD.


      I created a project of still images in PRE10 with the NTSC-HDV-HDV 1080i 30 settings.  I burned the project as a blu-ray and it turned out great.  I tried to burn the same project to a DVD and it goes through the encoding process fine.  However, when it gets to actually burning on the disk it completes about 5% and then abruptly finishes saying the burn is complete although no files are written to the DVD (it is still blank).  The same thing happens when I try to burn the project to a folder (no files are created).  I have created other projects with this setting and am able to burn to either blu-ray or DVD.  Any ideas on why this happens?

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          nealeh Level 5

          As your Blu-ray results are good you must have large scale images in your project. What are the pixel dimensions of your still images?


          Your project is High Definition 1440x1080i, whereas DVD is Standard Definition 720x480. This means that PRE has to scale down the images. Unfortunately PRE is not too good at downscaling and can choke the program.


          This tips & tricks article has a lot of information about this issue: Large Still Images into PE - One Workflow.


          That article, at 111 items, is rather long. In a nutshell though it recommends still images be scaled in photo editing software to the target size - 720x480 in your case or, if you want to do some pan & zoom, around 1000x750.


          So for your particular case you should resize your large images. If you do this in exactly the same proportions as your HD project images you could then replace those in the existing timeline with the smaller and perhaps your project will then complete burning.


          [EDIT] Also check out this FAQ entry: What resolution should my photos be in Premiere Elements?


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Welcome to the forum.


            As a test, and perhaps as a viable workflow, can you Share your HD Timeline to a DV-AVI Widescreen file? Does that process complete, giving you a DV-AVI Type II file w/ 48KHz 16-bit PCM/WAV muxed into one file?


            If it does, then at New Project, choose NTSC, or PAL, depending on where you live, DV Widescreen Project w/ 48KHz Audio. Import that DV-AVI file into the new Project. Use the SD Menu Set of your choice at Create Menus, do your Chapter Markers, and Menu Marker, with no Stop Marker at the end of the Timeline. Burn that Project to Folder, and test it with a DVD software player. Does that work?


            If your Still Images were Scaled for an HD Project (your BD Project) properly, there should be no need to re-Scale them for DVD, but if they were Imported at the camera's full resolution, then you should follow Neale's advice. Though the BD Project burned fine, having tons of unused pixels is a real load on your system, and when you have to down-Scale greatly for the DVD Project, it might be more than the computer can handle.


            Good luck, and please report on how that test goes.



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              pem001 Level 1

              Thanks Bill.  Sharing as a DV-AVI file and importing into a DV Widescreen Project worked.  I was able to easily recreate the menu I had for the blu-ray version (there were no scenes to create so it was really quick) and the two final disks are virtually the same (except the quality of the blu-ray is obviously better).


              I will be continuing to create still image slide shows for parents of my son's and daughter's teams.  I would like the quality to be the best for the photos but unfortunately, many people have not made the jump to blu-ray.  For future referene, is there an optimal project setting to start with where I can burn both from the same project?

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Great news!


                Per Neale's linked article, Scaling to the Frame Size as the Project (or only slightly larger), in Photoshop, or Photoshop Elements will keep the quality, as high as possible.


                Now, if you are doing a full-HD BD (Blu-ray Disc) Project, the Stills would be Scaled to about 1920 x 1080, or only a bit larger (I like Scaling to the exact pixel x pixel dimensions that I need), will keep the processing overhead lower, and unless you have just tons of Stills, should still process on a contemoprary adequately fast computer.


                Good luck, and glad that the Project has burned fine. One guess would be that the HD Menu Sets from the BD Project might have hung things up, as they would also have to be Scaled to the SD Project.