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      Hello everybody!

      (Excuse my English, is the google translator).


      Because of the problems that I have faced for products from Adobe, I created this topic to expose my suggestion and listen your opinions and maybe, to know what Adobe has to say about it.


      Lately, I decided to totally abandon software piracy, because in reality, we find that is a prejudice and lack of respect for the authors of their products and, of course, is less incentive to release better versions of software, since the majority is pirated Instead of buying.


      I got in contact with Adobe, wondering if I can freely use the macromedia suite 8, and of course the answer was that I can not, because of the EULA, and I would buy it. I asked how can I buy it, since I thought that to be a discontinued version, could be very affordable price, and they said they do not sell the version 8 (logical).


      In some countries, such as mine,that the reality of the salary is by far compared with the United States, with people enjoying a minimum wage of 170 USD.

      And these people also are worthy human intelligence and willingness to study and develop applications, as well as people of the 1st world countries.


      Now I ask: How can someone buy an Adobe product with prices that are sold? Design & Creative Suite Web Premium = $ 1,899???

      I also understand that the products are top quality, there is no other product on the market can keep up with Adobe.

      I think this is one reason why piracy has spread so uncontrolled in the world.


      I do not agree with the violation of copyrights, but also do not agree with abuse of monopoly.


      Why not create adobe lite versions for people with less ability to purchase their products?

      For example, versions of creative suite design & premium lite, creative suite master collecion lite, and others, where the resources of the programs have limitations comparing with the full version.


      So most people who receive the products illegally, and want to abandon piracy could regularize their situation and be entitled to purchase products from Adobe and they would conquer the world's simplest form.


      What is your opinion about this ?

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          There are lesser products already on the market. There is no reason I can see for Adobe to make “lite” versions of their programs.





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            Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

            Adobe does have a method of providing software at reduced cost on a subscription basis. You pay by the month. You may want to investigate that approach as opposed to the perpetual license shrink wrap product. In the case of our Creative Cloud subscriptions, the monthly price is approximately $50 per month with a one year contract, $75 per month with no obligations on a month-to-month basis.


                           - Dov

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              At the risk of turning this into a one-sided discussion, I'm weighing in on the side of Dov and Bob: No need for any "light" versions. You can find enough cheaper alternatives, including completely freeware and open source programs like Inkscape, GIMP, Scribus. You will just have to live with limitations and possibly awkward workflows, but hey, if 20 years ago we even had such tools, we'd have danced all day with joy. So in all fairness, you are taking too much for granted. Nobody is forcing or requiring you to use Adobe tools and you can get a lot of work done with otehr tools as well. If and when Adobe tools should be needed, I'm sure there's the budget to license them in one way or the other. Everything else can only lead to those same endless discussions that basically mean "I want to use Adobe software, but on my own terms" which cannot work. just because it's software doesn't change the rules of the game - you cannot buy a car for the price you want, either.



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                Giovannio_x Level 1

                Thanks Milenium,


                You are right in what you say. I've tried the free software like netbeans, bluefish, Aptana, inkscape, gimp, xara extreme, Kompozer, NVU, and others, and I say that in reality they do not have an adequate and very difficult work and adaptation. Whether it is for so I prefer Notepad + +.


                And do not worry, the question will never become one-sided. Only one person speaks what she feels about the subject and I'm sure that has more people who feel the same. Everyone has ideas, even if others think the stupid, but they are ideas and I'm not afraid to express them.

                Most people who were cowards and afraid to have others think that their discussion would not be taken seriously, are using pirated software, you understand?


                What most people do, and I've done well, is using pirated software instead of having the dignity to come on board and at least open a discussion, and at least I had the courage to do this because they do not want to live product stolen. I'd rather ask than steal..


                I do not want to buy a car for the price I want, but as you know, even the cars of the same brand, we have several models and options with different prices, that's why I suggested a 'car' with fewer resources to adapt to the conditions of people like me and do not want to live using the work of others without pay.



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                  Giovannio_x Level 1

                  Thanks Dov Isaacs


                  I was not informed about this product. It seems very interesting and I see the possibilities.


                  Giovannio !

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                    MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    Price is not the reason for piracy. A song can be purchased inexensively, but yet people pirate songs freely. Yes someone may wantœ

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                      Giovannio_x Level 1

                      It's true MichaelKazlow.

                      I might as well opt for other free solutions, or for Microsoft Expression Studio, which to me is as excellent as the tools of adobe or the solution 'Cloud' adobe.


                      The big problem is the incompatibility: I get a layout of a site to work, but if it is in format 'PSD', or 'AI' or was made in Fireworks 'PNG' with support for layers, I have no other alternative to solve the problem unless to send back to the client or colleague to convert the format.

                      When you convert the format, in the case of the illustrator, the differences and incompatibilities are many, requiring sometimes have to redo the layout, so I see as a solution to produce adobe lite version of its suite for customers lite.


                      Speaking of service 'Cloud', I got a question:  You pay 50 USD for a one year contract and has access to all applications or are 50 USD per application?


                      Thanks !