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    How to stop blurs (examples)

    Emperor1212 Level 1

      I made this logo the other day and it was fine (Nice & smooth)....For some odd reason it isnt smooth now and I dont know why... I just want to make it as krisp as possible before printing it on tshirts. Thanks you guys.

      Screen Shot 2012-07-17 at 4.11.03 PM.pngScreen Shot 2012-07-17 at 4.13.47 PM.png

      ......the one on the left is way smoother?? Can anyone tell me why? Even in illustrator for some reason it now looks jagged and I havent even exported yet.

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          emil emil Level 4

          Are you viewing and comparing these at 100% zoom? I don't see anything wrong with the left one on my monitor. The right one looks zoomed out and slightly jagged which is how zoomed out objects look on screen. Nothing to worry about this is not a printing problem and for screen graphics always make and view the needed size at 100% zoom.

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            [scott] Level 6

            Is Anti-Aliasing checked in the preferences?

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              Steve Fairbairn Level 5

              I can't see much difference. Isn't it just screen pixels that are annoying you?

              ... and I havent even exported yet.

              Export? Why? Keep it as Illie or save as pdf. No need to export.

              If the vector paths are clean, printing will be as smooth as it gets.

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                Emperor1212 Level 1

                Well they are both at 100% and they are different. The lines in the middle of the right hand one are jagged. Yes they are for print but also the logo is going on the website. The left one looks great for a website but it was saved over and I am trying to figure out what the differerence is. Yes Anti-Aliased artwork is checked. It doesnt matter how I export or save. These are both screen captures from right in Illustrator =/

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                  emil emil Level 4

                  Emperor1212 wrote:


                  Well they are both at 100% and they are different.

                  Are these both vector graphics, are they both on the same document? Copy paste to compare in the same document. Can you share the actual files?

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                    Emperor1212 Level 1

                    I took a screen capture with someone else in front of the desk last week adn it was at 100%. It is ont he left and looks good but now the .ai file we have open is blurry and a bit jagged (on the right)....we are just trying to get it looking nice for the website. I can share the actual .ai file for sure. Can I attach it here or send to you emil?

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                      emil emil Level 4

                      You can't attach the file on this forum but you can use a file sharing site or service like Dropbox.


                      Vector objects are rasterized for monitor preview on the fly at every zoom level at screen resolution so they should look always perfect at any zoom. It is the same like changing the size of vector objects and choosing rasterize at Screen. So, there must be something wrong with the file you are using - it looks like it is not a vector object.

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                        Emperor1212 Level 1

                        It is a vector. When I zoom WAY in it looks fine. it is probably my monitor....but what I am wondering is what we did to get it to look so nice and smooth like the one on the left. When we took a screen capture it instantly becomes a raster image right? The one on the left just looks better for web. There must be some process to smooth it out....I just thought you guys would know how to get it to look like that.

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                          emil emil Level 4

                          It is a vector but as I said it is rasterized on the fly for displaying it on screen - you can't see the actual vector because it is a formula, at the end everything is a raster image on print or monitor and a screen capture simply saves this raster image used by your monitor to display the vector.

                          It is hard to guess what is the problem without having the file or being able to see what you've done. Changing the zoom level of vector objects doesn't make difference in the quality of the rasterization for on monitor display. For creating web images use the Pixel Preview from the View menu at 100% zoom and change the size by resizing your object. Then the final image with the eventual image compression should be viewed by using Save for Web and Devices.

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                            Emperor1212 Level 1

                            emil i tried to send you a pm but it's not possible. I'd send you the file but I dont want everyone in the world to have it available...is there any way?

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                              emil emil Level 4

                              I sent you a pm