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    Bullet issue


      When using File and then New and selecting 1 column fixed, centered; adding bullets appear in non working area. Image below shows an example.  Also have the code below  that.  Would like the bullets to appear in the white working area.  Any ideas? 

      bullet issue.jpg


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          martcol Community Member

          This is accomplished with CSS


          ul { list-style-position: inside; }



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            computereaze Community Member

            I tried it and it worked but I had found an odd workaround in the meantime.  I indent 3 times then apply bullets; it uses blockquote at that point but works.  I know css is better however, thanks.  Dave


            Not sure why such a basic task in Dreamweaver needs workarounds. 

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              Ben Pleysier CommunityMVP

              Not sure why such a basic task in Dreamweaver needs workarounds

              I fail to see the sense in this statement.


              DW is a tool, just like a wrench or a scalpel. Placed in the wrong hands, they will be useless. Placed in the right hands, they can work wonders.


              Martcol has supplied the solution that is not a workaround.