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    How do I search pdf for text?


      When I tap the touch screen on my device I see a search icon. I tap on that and get a keyboard on the bottom and search bar on the top. When I tap the words out on the keyboard, the word appears on the search bar. When I press 'Enter' on the keyboard, nothing happens.


      Is the search function not working in this app, or am I missing something?








      Since no one answered me, I'm guessing I worded the question in a bad way. I'll rephrase.


      I can make a search bar appear. But when I type a word in to it, nothing happens. I basically can't search.


      Does anyone else have the same problem? Or does the search work as it's supposed to for anyone else?


      It would be great if someone could give me any kind of feedback.



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          Gaurav Jain (GJ) FormerEmployees

          After you hit search, you should either see a toast mentioning that there were no results, or you should see the searched word get highlighted in green.


          Could you share a screen capture of the issue so we can investigate further?  You can email it to adobereader-ios@adobe.com




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            eric948470 Community Member

            It works, but only after I rotated the tablet to landscape orientation (the accelerometer detects which way the tablet is oriented and changes the screen to landscape or portrait). I was trying only the portrait orientation before. It never occured me to try rotating the tablet, because everything is supposed to work identically in both orientations.


            So when I type the search word and press enter, if I have the tablet in the landcape orientation, it works as supposed to. But if I have the tablet in the portrait orientation when I press enter, the search doesn't work.


            I'll try to let you have some info in case you want to try to fix this. The tablet is a Notion Ink Adam. The phone info screen says 'Android versoin: 2.2', 'Kernel version:', 'Build-number: BeastROMv2.2.1'. Let me know if you want any more info.


            But it works pretty much OK for me. I'm fine with turning the tablet when I want to search.


            I'll also send an email to the address you gave.