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    no video, choppy video


      I just upgraded from PRE4 to PRE10.  Cannot preview video; audio plays but no video. Have tried rendering clips - they went from red bar in timeline to green, but now playback is very choppy.  And rendering takes about 40 times longer in PRE10 then in PRE4. The projects i saved in PRE4 can be imported into PRE10, but again no video on playback. This is very frustrating and from the the other discussions and troubleshooting issues in this forum, there appears to be no clear explanation or fix for this. Have seen all sorts of explanations from incompatible drivers to video formats.  My videos worked fine in PRE4 so why is this an issue now?


      I'm using a company computer so I am pretty locked down as far as administrative rights on making changes and doing installs.  Also am using Windows XP. 


      Any ideas on how to fix this issue?