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    How to write a script which will read text file - write them on layers and save those layers at phot

    MonsterMMORPG Level 1

      I am far away from being photoshop expert. But i need this kind of thing


      A script which will read text file


      This text file will be like

      Name 1 ; Type1; Type2 ; TextStyle1 
      Name 2 ; Type3; Type4 ; TextStyle2
      Name 3 ; Type5; Type6 ; TextStyle3

      From that file it will do this.

      For each line 

      Find layer named as Type1Type2 then write Name1 on it both horizontally and vertically centered. Then apply a predefined text style (TextStyle1) and save that file as Name 1.png


      Should be pretty simple for those who are master of Photoshop


      Photoshop CS6