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    Cannot uninstall cs 5.5 - xp




      Yesterday I had to restore windows xp because it had some bugs: the procedure is successful except for the fact that the products of the creative suites have begun to malfunction and I had to take the decision to uninstall and reinstall everything.

      Unfortunately, the uninstall was not successful: acrobat was not uninstalling, and from control panel I see the voice creative suite (and acrobat X), as if it was anything left.
      Any subsequent attempt, even with cleaner tool, did not lead to anything.

      If I try to use the cleaner it tells me that the removal was successful, although it is not. If I try to uninstall from control panel it tells me that the uninstall had problems and did not uninstall acrobat.

      Now I was thinking to reinstall the creative, but I do not know if in this way would solve my problems.
      Everyone has the same issue or have any ideas on how to get out?