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    Document Resolution Clarification


      Hi guys, I am making a document that will only be displayed digitally. When setting up a new document I chose Web as my intent and set my pixels to 1400x900 ( same as Macbook pro- non retina).


      When i toggle my document to inches i get 20inx12.5in. Now the Macbook Pros display is only

      13.06x 8.16 inches with a    Pixel density of 110.26 pixels per inch


      My question is when I place a 1440x900@300ppi image in the document, it is very small. If I scale it to an effective PPI of 72 it will take up the full screen. Will this be a lower resolution than what the macbook is capable of displaying(110ppi)?


      Is there a way to make my document 1440x900px AND 13.06x8.16in?


      Looking forward to learning more about this!

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          Eugene Tyson Ninja

          Make the document size the intended Pixels required.


          Ensure the image is the same size and has enough resolution, i.e., 110 ppi or more


          Then export the image to 110 ppi

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            Peter Spier Legend

            The short answer is probably no.


            ID, having begun its life as a page layout application, knows nothing about pixels which are units without any physical size. It uses a 1:1 correspondence between pixels and it's native units, points, when you specify pixels as a unit, and points DO have a real physical size, 72/inch.


            I suppose you could set up a "custom" point size in the prefs that would give you the desired document size, but I doubt it is worth the effort (but I don't do that kind of screen-only design work). If you set the effective resolution (by scaling) of your images to 72 ppi, you can rely on an unadjusted ID to show you the correct relative sizes.

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              savage925 Newcomer

              Thanks guys.


              Peter, it looks like you can only set the point/pica size from 60-80.

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                Peter Spier Legend

                savage925 wrote:


                Peter, it looks like you can only set the point/pica size from 60-80.

                Then I guess the answer is definitely no.


                But listed size in inches is totally irrelevant if you are working in pixels, so what's the big deal? As I said, if the effective resolution of the elements is 72 ppi, the scale and relative sizes will all be correct. There's a long discussion form a couple months back on viewing at 100% for various devices that you might want to read, too.

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                  rob day Rockstar

                  I am making a document that will only be displayed digitally.


                  A lot depends on how the pages will be delivered. If they will be PDF then there's no need to set the page units to pixels because the PDF page magnification is set by your client and can be anything.


                  If your pages will be displayed in a web browser, you'll have to export them to an image format like jpeg or png. In that case if you export a JPEG or PNG at 72 ppi (or  export a PDF and open it in PS at 72ppi) the resulting image size will be your page's pixel dimensions (1440 x 900). Web browsers don't know about inches all that matters is the pixel dimension.