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    adobe id multiple ipads




      Im trying to use my adobe id, to be able to get my digital publication on 8 ipads. Is this possible or the best way to do it? Im using the presentation in a classroom situation, so thought i would login to each of ipads adobe content viewer using my same account, will adobe block my id if it is used on this many devices? Is there a better way?


      I'm asking as i cant seem to update the project, it keeps telling me there is a server issue?


      Thank you.

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          Anselm Hannemann Community Member

          Nope, this will work. Just sign in with your ID and download the publication. The other way would be creating a development app (.ipa) which you have to manually install on each device etc. So you see it's easier to do it via Adobe Content viewer and your Adobe ID.

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            Andrew Smith Community Member

            You could also set up an Adobe ID just for the purpose of sharing folios with a particular group.  You would create all of your folios with your Adobe ID and then selectively share them with the Adobe ID you created for each audience.  This way you'll be able to update the folios and check them on your device without the audience seeing your in-progress changes.  Simply unshare the folio you want to update, make the changes, verify them on your device, then share the folio again and your audience will get the "Update Available" message.  There will probably be many times that you'll want to create, modify and view folios without them being immediately available to everyone because they're logged in with your Adobe ID.

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              Christophe_Quinzoni Community Member

              Andrew's right. That's exactly the good thing to do.

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                Mark0 Community Member

                This is what we do but I was wondering ... every time you add that e-mail address again does it send the notification e-mail every single time? Like if you unshare and then share it again once the updates are made. It would be nice if you could choose if an e-mail was sent or not. Otherwise some client might wonder "Why was I removed and added again?"

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                  Christophe_Quinzoni Community Member

                  People won't receive any notification.

                  The address you create is only used by your group to connect in Adobe Content Viewer on iPad.

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                    Mark0 Community Member

                    Sorry my bad. Our clients usually have their own Adobe IDs we have them create (so we can control who has access rather that just one master user), if we unshare and then re-share will they get a notification e-mail each time this is done?

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                      Christophe_Quinzoni Community Member

                      No notification when you unshare a folio.

                      But each of them will receive one when you share again.

                      That's why we use for our groups a specific address that is not a real address intented to receive emails.