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    Error code: 0 - Please help??

      Hi all, I am tearing out what is left of my hair over this. My Mac Pro (running Tiger) took a big dump last week and I finally got my bosses to sign off on the new Mac (Leopard) I've been bugging them about. So I reinstall CS3 and most is right with the world. Illustrator and PS operate seemingly fine but ID refuses to let me save a file either under a new name or as the same name. I get the following alert box.

      "Cannot save file "XXXXX" under new name. The File "XXXXX" is damaged (error code:1).

      I have no access to my previous HD's as they will not show up on the new machine so I transferred all of my working files from my archive disc. I've got work to do and spending the last 5 days getting this up and running is making me look bad. Am I missing anything? I am logged in as administrator.

      Even when I try creating a new file, ID will not let me save and throws either an error code 0 or 1. I cannot find anywhere (and I've looked) where it specifies what these error codes mean. I don't know if it would help to know but it might be a start. I used my second license for this disc and have installed it onto my MacBook Pro and it seems to operate fine on there.

      Does anyone have any ideas where I could start?