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    Premiere pro cs6 No audio solution yet?

    Fungirl2009 Level 1

      None of my videos have audio show up in premiere pro cs6 (64bi and windows 7 64bit)   but works perfect in any previous version CS5 etc. Many I noticed have same issue yet adobe has not released any solution builds (as of July 18th)  to cure this!


      I have mts files (mp4 is ok and avi etc) and would normally drag the video mts fiiles   from either a folder or the memory card when using premiere pro cs5 or sony vegas and away I go....but  NOPE not with  CS6 it sucks!


      I have tried reinstalling prem pro, of which I have latest build,  renamed the mts etc indeed followed and studied  every single so called 'solution' people post on the forum and still the same arggggh!


      and no way am I getting involved encoding and all that as it worked fine with CS5 and sony vegas as I said.


      Anyone know what's happening with this audio issue and found a simple cure? or could somehow get adobe to release a bug fix patch?


      Frankly it just plain crazy to release a new suite and ignore peoples issues - so many other folks  report all over the internet same thing with CS6 yet adobe  as said  done nothing to help people but ignore all forums and  this one - you  cannot email etc to tell them to fix it no email address I can find.