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    Pathfinder Problems


      Illustrator CS5 v15.1.0 (Mac)

      Ideas v1.2


      I've created artwork in Adobe Ideas and now attempting to transfer this work to Illustrator, specifically hoping to collect/combine large areas of paths(?). I'm not sure what effect this may have but the paths have various stroke thickness and some appear to be "open" from using the eraser tool(in Ideas).


      In the attached image, the left side is a segment of the untouched original. The right side is the result after using the Pathfinder Add/Unite command. I have selected everything so that the strokes are somewhat visible and circled the more obvious areas of distortion in red.


      Does anyone know what the source of this distortion is?


      Additional Notes:


      Another similar thread suggests unchecking "Align to Pixel Grid" within the Transform window. It was unchecked before applying Pathfinder Add, however the box shows a dash after the operation. Not sure what this means, but my guess is a mix of conditions.


      Also, "Scale Strokes & Effects" was checked in the Preferences resulting in only a slight change. Some areas improved, while other areas became worse.


      Thanks for any suggestions.