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    CS6 Artboard Issue??

    Mike Mancini

      Did something change with artboards from CS5 to CS6 in Illustrator? We are running Illustrator CS6 64bit and everything seams to be about as smooth as a babies bottom "EXCEPT" ARTBOARDS...


      It's making us crazy! In CS5 we used the arboard as a crop because we output everything to PDF for print.. Well!! It seams there is a big error!!!



      Full Page Full Bleed Print doc in our publication is 8.625 x 11.125 "Now normally we have a full bleed image in something like this but NOT ALWAYS. We ran into an issue when our cover design had a transparent or  NO background! The Art board was set to the dimensions above, but the last line of text in the cover ad was approcimately a half inch from the bottom edge "Not touching or exceeding the artboard. When the Ad was PDF'd to be placed in InDesign there were no new options regarding crop or artboard so it was assumed that was still the same!


      Well, Low and behold "THAT IS NOT THE CASE" even tho the artboard was specified it chopped the bottom of the ad off (there was nothing but empty space in the bottom, BUT THAT SHOULDN't HAPPEN!) Had it not been noticed this could have caused us a lot of issues when we place the PDF's into InDesign in presized placeholders.. Because it stretches the placed PDF in the placeholder because the PDF is suppose to be the size of the container which is preset in the artboard when the ad is designed.. Sounds more complicated than it really is!


      NOW, I found if I just make a white square the size of the artboard and place it in the background when this situation occurs "and this can exceed the artboard" it then crops the PDF to the right size/artboard..


      IS THIS A BUG, DOES IT HAPPEN TO ANYONE ELSE? OR IS THIS PART OF A NEW FEATURE? (if it's new I'd like to say it really sucks, and is going to make a lot of headaches with our publication)


      ***Stuff is suppose to get easier and more productive when it's updated.. Is it NOT?

      ~Other than that so far everything else works like a dream and 64 bit Illustrator pretty much dominates otherwise...


      If this is part of the new workings can someone please explain? If not could Adobe please FIX.. PLEASE...




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