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    Can I create a pick-list of customised colors in Cap 5?


      Hi Folks I am using Cap 5.


      I am creating/updating a set of presentations. I can only use 5 specific colors as laid out in my employers brand guidelines.


      I would like to create these 5 colors and add them to the color pick list that appears for text animations, fonts etc. Ideally I would like to just pick them whenever I need them.


      At the moment every single time I need to use one of these 5 colors I have to enter in a hexdecimal number into tiny little fiddly field at the top of a color picker, EVERY - SINGLE - TIME.


      It is REALLY slowing me down and driving nuts. It feels like I am going about this in the wrong way.


      Can anyone point me in the right direction because I can't figure it out myself.