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    How to add a poster/splash image for Captivate 6

    mvk66 Level 1



      I would like to add a poster/splash image to my captivate movie.


      My output is HTML 5. I would like to link the video in Robohelp and have the video open in a web browser.


      Before the movie starts the video frame is white with a play button. Can I add an image?


      Thanks in advance for your help.

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          Mayank Mahajan Level 2

          Hi mvk66,


          Thanks for the post.


          Captivate 6, do have an option for adding an image at the movie start.


          Please follow the below steps:

          1. Goto the Edit --> Preferences.

          2. Select Category Project --> Start and End

          3. Uncheck Autoplay (if checked)

          4. Browse for the image.

          5. After adding the image successfully, close the preferences dialog and Publish to HTML5.


          Hope it will help.




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            Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Mayank gave you the way to go.


            In previous versions, when no poster was chosen, Captivate showed the first frame. I was a bit startled when I detected that this is no longer the case in Captivate 6 but was already used to create posters. My work flow is mostly:

            • if poster is based on a slide in the Captivate project, I create is as a slide and make it hidden so that it will not be inserted on publish.
            • then I use Snagit or RoboScreenCapture to create a PNG from that slide and import that in the Library
            • if the poster is not based on a slide, I just import it in the Library


            That way everything is kept together. I already filed several times a feature request to be able to choose just a slide as a poster, but ... no response.  Think it is more necessary now because you need to insert a poster to avoid a blank screen if AutoPlay is not activated and also when published to PDF.