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    Activating my CC. And activating again


      I'm having a problem with my Acrobat Pro X. I've downloaded from Creative Cloud using my login and password. When I open a PDF file Acrobat is closing down and then the Application Manager open. The dialogue box that appears shows a long text and a blue button. I click that button and Acrobat open. Then Acrobat Pro X closes and Application manager is up once again. This open and close scenario continue as long I try to use Acrobat.


      Any idea you have is welcome to solve this problem. It started after I upgraded my operating system from OS X 10.6 to latest 10.7.4 if that is the problem. I'm currently downloading Acrobat Pro X again and try to install it to see if I manage to solve the opening and closing problem. I'll let you know how it works later. Please hit me with suggestions and ideas to stop this annoying opening and closing all the time, thank you.