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    HTML5 not working on iPad, multitude of issues, looking for solutions

    Evan Berrett Level 2



      I'm trying to test the possibility of publishing trainings to HTML5 for use on iPad or iPhone. In our first test, we put the HTML5 publish up on an LMS and accessed it through an iPad and iPhone. Via the iPad we used Safari. This is what happened:


      First three slides did not appear (first has a single image, second has an f4v video, third has an f4v video).


      We had narration throughout which did not play at all. Audio files are in WAV format.


      Overall very slow


      Crashed on one slide


      Slow navigation on the Table of Contents.



      Any suggestions about why we may be having these problems? Should we be using a different browser? Conver the F4V videos to something like MPEG or AVI? Anything helps, thanks.