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    Find & Replace Text - Styling Problem (CS5 Mac)

    SiggieSputnik Level 1

      Hi everyone,


           Is there a way when finding and replacing a text string to style the block of copy. My problem is that I have some color codes given by the customer that now need to be converted to our internal color matches on our production drawings.


      The original string of text looks like this:

      Holder: P1 (Metallic Silver)


      What I’m getting when I go to replace this string is:

      Holder: Natural Satin


      What I want is:

      Holder: Natural Satin


      I do not want the replaced text to be italicized. I'm thinking since the original string ends with an italic style that the replacement string is also italicized. There are about 50 pages of drawings with about 10 colors on the job and some pages have them entered in more than one place. So that's a minimum of 500 entries and defititely more considereing the multiple places these are called out. I'd really rather not have to copy and paste all of these by hand. I'm use to FreeHand, which would respect the font styling of pasted text in the find and replace diaglog.


      Any help would greatly be appreciated. Work around if it cant be done natively?