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    Unable to download flahplayer error???


      every time i try to download the flash player i get an error message i also can't use my web cam to chat because the same error message pops up. I also can't play my games on facebook because of the fflash player. i have tryed to uninstall and now i can't download another one because the error message pops up. this is what the error message says??


      System.componetModel.Win32Exception: The system connot fine the file specified


      System.Diagnostic.Process.StartWithShellExecuteEx (ProcessStartInfoStartInfo)

      At system.Diagnostic.Process.Start ()

      at ststen.Diagnostic.Process Start (processStartInfo StartInfo)

      at system.Diagnostic.Process.Start (string file Name,string arguments)

      at MyDownloader.IEPlugin.IEMD.download URL (string.url)