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    Lightroom and Raw Files from 60D


      So i was looking around the web for answers to why my lightroom isnt recongnizing my raw files from my new 60D. I am currently using Lightroom 3.6 . I saw answers saying that i needed to install updates because if i remember correctly its lightroom 3.2 that the 60D came into play, anyway, i tried to update my lightroom but it says that there are no updates available. So any idea why my its not recognizing the files if i am up to date?

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          Hal P Anderson Level 6



          That probably isn't your problem. 3.6 supports your camera. Exactly what message are you getting when you try to import?


          Also, just for completeness, what operating system are you using? How are you reading the images (card reader, or from camera)?



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            joeyjoeg Level 1

            No you are right, i tested some other photos and i am able to import them. Its something to do with this batch of photos. Photoshop says "Can not complete, file type is unrecognizable" and when i go to import them into my lightroom it says that there are no photos in the folder even though i can see them.


            I am using windows vista, and i am pulling the pictures into my computer off of an sd card through a port on my computer itself.

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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The files may be corrupted or truncated.  Look at their sizes in Windows Explorer - Details View and see if they are smaller than normal.  If you are able to see thumbnails in Windows Explorer then that must means the camera-embedded JPG preview is intact, but not that the raw data is all there.


              Try opening the files in Canon Digital Photo Professional (DPP) that came with your 60D and see if you can save a JPG from them.  Seeing thumbnails in DPP is not enough to confirm corruption.  You have to do something that actually interprets the raw data, like saving a JPG.


              Determining why they are corrupted is important.  If they are still on the memory card then retransfer them.   If they are corrupted on the car then the camera or card has a problem.  If they were ok on the card, then maybe the camera or computer or cable or reader has a problem.

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