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    OSMF Player Not Visible In Parent SWF




      Have an OSMF player that works fine, with an ad component that also works fine. These components both exist in a single SWF.


      When I embed that SWF on a page, it loads fine, plays fine, behaves as expected. Ad component is visible, with sound. Video component is visible with sound.


      However, when I attempt to load that player SWF into a shell SWF with a simple Loader object, the video component has errors. The shell SWF uses a Loader object to load the player SWF, and add the content from the loader to the display list. The ad component in the loaded SWF, is visible with sound (just as expected, just as before). The video component has ONLY audio. No visibility. This is the problem.


      It seems that loading this SWF into another SWF is the cause.


      stageVideo was obviously the first thing I looked at. But I am not using stageVideo. It is disabled. wmode transparent.



      Please do not ask for code, as I am not at liberty to add it to this forum.


      I am just hoping maybe someone can pass along an idea, thought, suggestion. Maybe it will spark something that can help me fix it.



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Maybe you should get the debugger version of the Flash Player so you can possibly see the source of the failure.


          Where is the shell swf relative to the player swf?  Could it be a pathing issue for a file it is trying to load?

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            jamedo1234 Level 1

            I have the Debugger version. There is no official "failure", as in, no errors are actually thrown.


            The shell, and the player SWF are in the same folder. All files are loaded properly. No 404, or security errors.


            The video loads, plays, etc. Essentially, everything is running exactly the same as it does when it runs correctly. The only issue is visibility of that one asset in the player SWF, being the actual player. Other assets in the player SWF are visible.



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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You'll need to look thru the code of the player to see what might be putting it out of place when you change its environment to being a loaded file.  Maybe it is present but ends up being somewhere off stage due to some settings.  Try tracing its position after it is loaded to see where it is.