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    Preview wrong & to new to fix

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      Hello gang,


      I am what you would call a total NEWB, I literally just started using Dreamweaver CS5 and have like zero coding skills lol so I am basically learning as I go. So I have been trying to put together a quick website for a Charitable Campaign I am doing for Children that can be found at kids.getdiggin.com now that URL is going to be important, because if you goto that URL ou will see my problem, when actually visiting the website you can see that at the top you see the Kids Get Diggin Logo and kids under it, those kids are suppose to be to the right of that logo and everything shows perfect in Live Mode AND in Preview mode, but when I uploaded it to the server and visit it regular it looks like it does, also if you see the small picture on the home page of the child, the text it butted right up to the image and in DW I have a margin there and its spaced but not when visitng live. I will be linking a image below of what I want it to look like, and how it looks like in preview mode, but I am WAY to newb to know how to fix this problem that most of you probably just smack your forehead to saying "is this dude serious" lol, but if you can help it would be greatly appreciated.