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        Well yesterday I got an email from Adobe saying:- "Please be advised that as a one-time exception I will place a Free-of-Charge order for Photoshop CS6 (upgrade MAC) on your account". Needless to say I'm delighted that Adobe decided to do the right thing!

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          Noel Carboni Community Member

          Thanks for reporting back.  I imagine it's going to get more and more difficult if not impossible to achieve that, for folks who have waited this long to act.


          It's a shame you had to work so hard at getting that result - potentially spending way more of your time (is money) and theirs than the stupid upgrade is worth.  At least Adobe did the right thing.



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            Congrats - but there are still a lot of users waiting for any official action ...


            I would expect something like an official press release and free upgrade to CS6 for all involved users - otherwise I don't see any reason to trust this company anymore and I wiil avoid as much as possible buying their next products in the future ...


            Regards, Filip

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              Hedystafford Community Member

              This is the feedback I have sent to Adobe:-


              I am as you can imagine delighted to have received my complimentary upgrade. Here is my feedback:-


              All five of the members of Adobe's staff I have communicated with have been polite and patient. However it was very difficult for me to get them to actually understand the point I was making. In spite of me being very clear on more than one occasion that my request was not for the regular "post announce" free upgrade, it took chatting with three different customer assistants before this was actually taken on board.


              I was extremely frustrated by the fact that no-one would allow me to chat with anyone in a supervisory capacity, and that it was not possible to communicate with "the next level". It made me feel as if I was just being palmed off with excuses.


              There are still many people out there who bought between the date of Adobe's original announcement (ie that they would only offer the low upgrade price for CS6 to owners of CS5) and the date of CS6's release (when CS6 was, after all, made available at the low price to owners of both CS4 and even CS3). 

              I feel staff should be properly informed about this widespread issue and instructed to respond immediately and positively to requests for an upgrade.


              Even better, Adobe should make another public announcement expressing their intention to offer a free upgrade to all affected customers.

              I look forward to receiving a positive response from Adobe on this.

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                Filip_Zamorsky Community Member

                Thanks for doing this ...

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