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    point hvnwrd

      I am trying to help someone with their website.  I need help in styling. 


      I have created a (PowerPoint) sample, shared it with her...she loves it.  I'm tickled, but folks I've worked on this and I can't figure out how to set it up.  Don't know the coding to create the styling.


      I have a background picture, and then nesting on top of that...three seperate boxes (ie. header, left nav. bar, body).


      I had hoped to take a class last month at our local Community College on Dreamweaver but it was cancelled.  I DID buy the video we were to go through in class and have been going through it myself.  But I'm on a time limit...needing to have her site created by the end of September (as her current site expires then).


      Would someone, could someone, write me privately to help?  I can send you the Power Point document I created so you can take a look at it, hopefully to help me with css coding?


      Thank you so much!!


      Melody Shaw