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    Lightroom 3.6


      How can I have my external editor (PS CS4) open my files in their native NEF format and not as a copied PSD or TIFF?


      I do not want an edit copy and wish to have the RAW file open in photoshop. I have had this option in thw past, but since installing LR 3 on a new computer can not configure to just open the NEF file in Photoshop.

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          Hal P Anderson Level 6

          If I remember correctly, you need PS CS5 for that to happen with LR 3.6.


          In case I'm wrong, have you installed the latest Camera Raw (that works with CS4) in your Photoshop?



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            JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I wonder if it really makes much difference. After you have modified an image in Photoshop it has to be saved to a new file format anyway. You can't really work "natively" on your raw files. They are never modified by Lightroom or Photoshop or Camera Raw. Any modifications done in Photoshop have to be saved in a new file. When Photoshop and Lightroom are fully compatible, Photoshop will indicate that you have opened the raw file and will display the name of that file. But you aren't doing anything to the raw file. That header simply indicates where the image came from. I know, this sounds like a lot of doubletalk. But I can't see that there's really much difference except that the PSD/tiff file is created before the Photoshop editing session rather than at the end.

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              ottopixel Level 1

              Thank-you for the help.


              I agree with both comments so far and will check my Photoshop Raw is up to date, but think the settings for external editor in LR3 are the crux of my trouble right now.


              I wish to avoid a copy of my RAW file (in PSD or TIFF) before I have done a thing in Photoshop.


              I used to open my Raw file in photoshop after editing in Lightroom, and then tweak/manipulate etc in Photoshop - then, save as a PSD/TIFF or jpg in a seperate location from my RAW files. No extra duplicate file in my Lightroom catalog. Why was I able to do this before and not now?


              A side note that also has me puzzled is why does Lightroom tell me to update to camera RAW 6.6 when as far as I can tell that is for later versions of Lightroom and Photoshop (CS4) than what I have.


              I have Lightroom 3. I think it is updated to 3.6 but have not found any other way of confirming that except installing the 3.6 update - I think. It installs and is done; no fuss, so I guess I'm up to date, .. but, no info panel I can find like "about this .." (as in About this Mac). Which would tell me the version etc.


              I get the RAW concept as a format with all available data to be edited and narrowed down and it is the original only file, but do not want an automatic copy of it in another format as soon as I switch to external editor.


              Rather, open RAW file in Photoshop, then save finished product somewhere else and in a format appropriate to my needs at the time.


              In direct response to the last suggestion - Right! or Yes.


              I want a copy after Photoshop not before. I was doing that before I re-installed Lightroom on new computer. What did I miss that won't allow me to open and edit in RAW (on the header in Photoshop - no copy made in Lightroom) then save where I want in a format I need?


              Thanks again.



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                Oliver P.Smile Level 1

                Why don't you open the raw file in LR and then Edit in PS?

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                  ottopixel Level 1

                  I thought that is what I was doing.


                  After entering keywords & other meta-data, then lighten/darken/colour/sharpen etc.  I edit in Photoshop.


                  How would I "Open in Lightroom" other than what I am doing?


                  The frustration is having always had the Lightroom adjusted Raw file open in Photoshop and not have a edit-copy made. Now I can't avoid it??





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                    Oliver P.Smile Level 1

                    I have not found this myself. You can always do your edits of the raw file in Camera Raw

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                      ottopixel Level 1

                      I understand the options. Just trying to configure the way I used to work. I'll try a few things and update if I figure out what I overlooked - as is often the case.


                      Thank-you everyone for your thoughts,



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                        JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        Just to reiterate and clarify my previous comment. You are NEVER editing raw image data in Photoshop. By the time the image is opened in Photoshop it has been demosaiced, everything that was done in Lightroom or ACR has been "baked" into the image similar to what is done when you shoot JPEG. All Photoshop is showing when it shows the file name is where that image data came from. Photoshop is incapable of editing raw image data. And you are never editing a file in Photoshop. You are editing the data that was contained in a file, but while you are making changes you are making them on image data that has been loaded into computer memory. When Lightroom is newer than Photoshop it has to create the PSD/tiff file first in order to get all of the Lightroom adjustments into Photoshop. But you don't edit that file; you edit the image data that was in the file. The file isn't changed until you save your Photoshop adjustments. So, in effect, you are editing the same data in either situation. The only difference is the point at which the PSD/tiff file is created. You are not losing any image quality because the intermediate file has to be created first.

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                          ottopixel Level 1

                          I appreciate and understand what you are saying. It is nearly like arguing semantics.


                          Except I do not wish to appear as arguing - just trying to learn, thanks.


                          The only "problem" I have is the fact that LR does create an adjusted file PSD/TIFF in Lightroom that is then in effect saved and is an Edit-copy for ever-after - regardless of what I do with that file after editing and saving it somewhere else from Photoshop.


                          I Have three files rather than two.


                          Original RAW

                          Edit-copy PSD as soon as I go to external editor that remains in my LR catalog

                          Saved final image from Photoshop wherever I need that


                          My previous workflow had my adjustments made in Lightroom but no copy file unless I deliberatly created one. Wether or not I was adjusting the RAW file I had my adjustments there only. The way things work now my adjustments are duplicated in the edit-copy and remain on the RAW file adjustments as well. Why do I need a copy if I don't want one?


                          In any case I am not worried about a loss of quality, just do not wish to have every image I edit in Photoshop reproduced in LR as a copy-edit PSD or TIFF. The edit PSD I want is the final image saved from Photoshop.


                          Again I appreciate everyone who takes the time to discuss this issue. A quirky one rather than mission critical I fully realise.



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                            ottopixel Level 1

                            I am not getting Lightroom asking me which copy I wish to edit when I go to external editor.


                            I just selected a copy of a photo I have edited in Photoshop and chose to edit again. Lightroom did not ask if I want to edit original but made a third copy and opened it in Photoshop.


                            I can not find the setting to have Lightroom ask wich copy I want to edit and if I want to edit the image with lightroom adjustments.


                            Is that not something I can "turn back on"?