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    Blurry/Pixilated Slide Show


      I have created a slide show in Photoshop Elements 10. I clicked on output to send it to Premiere Elements 10 because my pictures were blurry/pixilated when I viewed them in full screen preview, but were not blurry/pixilated in the screen above the timeline.


      Once I had my slide show in Premiere, I finished making edits, created a DVD menu for it and went to burn it to a DVD. None of the pictures were blurry in the screen above the sceneline. When I got to the burn DVD menu, I unchecked the box "fit to available space" and slid the quality slider all the way to the right. Most of the pictures were fine, but some are still blurry/pixilated.


      Why is this happening and how can I correct it? Please provided details as I am still new to Premiere Elements.

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          Asking the same question twice is unlikely to get you a better response. These are community forums where we're all just users trying to help each other out. If you require urgent attention to your problem you should go directly to paid Adobe support (click their icon at the top of any page).


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