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    Advise for PC Build for Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Affect Effects..


      I'm new to Adobe CS6 products and I'm looking to build a pc that would perform well in these applications. Partially,  Photoshop,  Illustrator,  Premiere Pro,  and Affect Effects.   I would rather not to have upgrade any of the coponents for the next 3-4 years. 


      I would like to keep the budget for the PC itself under $2,500 if possilble.  I would also like to have a very effective system  for the price.


      One of the problems I'm running into is the gpu.  I can't decide between the gtx 570 2.5 gb for around $300 new,  the gtx 580 3 gb (arond $500 new),  or the gtx 670/680 4gb.  Does the gtx 680 run great in photoshop and premiere pro?   I noticed it's not offically supported in either at this moment.  And would like to hear more about it's compatiablity or lack there of.


      Right now, I'm thinking about a setup like this:


      Intel Core i7-3820

      Asus P9X79 Motherboard

      GPU (between 570 2.5gb, gtx 580 3 gb, or gtx 670/680 4gb)

      32 gb of Corsair Vengeance Ram

      Samsung 8300 256 gb SSD (for programs and operating system)

      x3 Western Digital Caviar Black 1 Tb