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    Will KillWhite run on Photoshop CS6 64-bit?

    kellybellis Level 1

      So - now that I am in need of what looks like just the most perfect and amazing solution... am stymied about getting it to work with CS6 Photoshop Extended (64-bit) - what am I missing?

      When I run the filter (in CS6 64-bit), white isn't removed, instead the entire image gets all smeary as if the Oil Paint... filter had been applied.


      Attempts in getting KillWhite to run from other CS installations on this 64-bit machine; CS4 & CS5.5 both 32 and 64, have been even more frustrating requiring re-entry of serial numbers, EUAs, etc., only to have PS fail to run at all even with several computer restarts and much testing.


      Thanks for any help.