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    using canopus 110 with cs5.5 hook up?

    TheCoroner9 Level 1

      I'm having trouble getting hi8 footage that I'm running through a canopus 110 into my system (windows 7 CS5.5).


      I have SVIDEO going to the canopus SVIDEO connection on the front of the canopus 110. I have two rca audio out cables going into the canopus audio inputs on the front of the 110.

      I'm using the firewire connection on the back of the canopus unit to power the the canopus via the firewire on my system.


      I'm then taking the front canopus firewire output into my firewire cable that connected to my Intensity Pro card.  This is the same firewire cable I transfer dv footage over without problems.

      I expected this to work without having to change any settings in cs5.5.  No footage shows up.


      Under capture settings in CS5.5, I click on edit as it is set on DV.  No footage is showing up.


      My alternative choice on the edit screen in capture settins is HDV  or blackmagic capture so I change DV to blackmagic capture and nothing comes through as well.


      Any help is appreciated.