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    Adobe Flash makes my life miserable.


      apperantly using internet Explorer and Crash 11.3 i cant install a side-by-side of flash for "other browsers"  so videos on STEAM will work.


      i get an error screen upon installing, or, internet explorer fails to be able to display flash videos and says i need to install flash again.


      i've told steam about my problems and they suggested i use a different browser. (unacceptable)


      they were upset i couldnt view videos of there games to buy...but they are retards needing some specific version of your glitch-ware


      so either HULU works (when i dont get artifacting or curruption in the videos) or steam works.


      im unwilling to change my habbits because you all cant seam to make software play nice. other browsers are a "band-aid work around", not a real fix of any kind.

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          adobeisavirus Level 1

          im actively campaigning againt you guys. hulu will lose my business and im going to make it clear your product is why im leaving them. you tube, is well, a flash-based joke these days. videos constantly stopping and starting. crashing, not playing.


          3rd time.jpghulu.jpg



          here are some images of your fine product in operation, as intended. im sure. no matter where i use flash it fails.

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            pwillener Level 8

            It is quite obvious from your posted images that you are using an outdated graphics driver.

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              pwillener Level 8

              P.S. I am not in the habit of deleting posts, but this time I have removed your other idiotic post.


              This is a user-to-user forum that has been created for users to help each other, with the occasional word from the Flash Player developers team.  You, however, just come here to complain, complain, complain.


              Stay away if you don't want our help!

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                adobeisavirus Level 1

                you blamed my problems with flash on graphic drivers last time.....

                i have a 550Ti with the latest nvidia drivers. 301.


                i've been microsoft certified since windows 2000, MCP xp/vista/7 MSSQLDBA, A+ so you can pretend im an idiot complainer but the problem here is ADOBE.



                just google/bing/yahoo "flash sucks".... you'll be supprised how many pages are there


                im complaining because flash is this out there un-supported-constantly bugged program alot of companies use. where do i get support?


                no matter what program, browser, version i use ALWAYS experiance problems, guaranteed.


                problems are never fixed just fanboys like you saying how its all my fault.



                meanwhile you helped me get a free month of HULU because they agree its a flash/adobe problem.


                is a working program too much to ask for?