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    Gift Vouchers purchased at a discount

    Adam (Logo Pogo) Level 3

      Anyone have any thoughts on how to offer a Gift Voucher product that's one sale?


      So basically the client is offering discounted gift vouchers (eg: $100 value for $50 cost).

      However if the Gift Voucher product is purchased at $50 then it will have only $50 of value created for it, even if the product is marked as 'on sale' with a RRP of $100.


      My only thoughts on how to do this so far are either:


      1. Have the client update the created gift voucher ASAP within the admin after it's been created


      2. sell a dummy product and have the client manually create a gift voucher (but this would lose all the automated gift voucher functionality).


      Anyone have any other thoughts on a more automated solutions?

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          Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I havn't tried it yet, but could you add a discount code that applies only to the vouchers?

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            Adam (Logo Pogo) Level 3

            Brilliant! thanks Brad.

            I had assumed this would act the same as having the product on sale, and by reducing the cost would also reduce the voucher value, but surprisingly this works perfectly.


            Thanks again for your suggestion Brad. 

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              Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Not sure about brilliant but glad it helped! ;-)

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                Peter-AM Level 1

                Today we are being told by BC chat support that Discount codes can not be applied to a Gift voucherit because it is a design restriction. Say What !


                A strategy to restrict the activation of a gift voucher that has been purchased specifically with a GV that applies only to a GV cataloge makes no business sense.


                This is short sighted simple mindedness in usability of ecommerce.
                The client (site owner) has the responsibility to decide what they sell at discount and when and why. A procuct is still a product and a $ value is still a Dollar value regarless.


                No restrictive use of discount code on a GV is located in KB for discount code or gift voucher.


                Can you imagine how the site owner is feeling after running a email campaign to thousands of customers on thier list with a now unredeemable GV.


                This is heavy handed action by adobe, and not mentioning this in KB and DC and GC creation process is just plainly careless design.


                @ Adobe team you have to get your head around real world marketing and leave the restriction process and decision making to the site owners. you are not qualified to decise for them.

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                  Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  First it likely isn't documented because it has never come up. A gift voucher is meant to be just that, a replacement for cash.


                  No business in real life would sell a gift certificate for less than the cash amount.  What the business owner should have done is sell a discount code for that rather than a gift voucher.


                  As a business owner I would be more likely to sell someone a discount code at higher value than actually paid. Its an exchange for merchandise or service. Selling a gift voucher for less than face value is like saying here I give you $20 and you give me $30 and we call it even.


                  Using a discount code instead is like saying here you give me $20 and it'll be good for $30 in the store.


                  Thats the normal way.


                  I have never heard of any business doing the way you described online or in real life.

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                    Peter-AM Level 1

                    Hi Brad, You don't have to agree but at some point it just makes sense......


                    A gift Voucher is actually a "product", think about it,
                    iTunes cards card plastic gift cards are purcahsed at discount rates from retailers (during certain promos such as 25% off at Woolworths) . It is just one example of Gran buying their grandchildren something that they know they will use, yet the grandchild gets to select the item purchased that they like and want - Gran can't miss getting it right.


                    In real life it does happen as per the example above and Apple iTunes is a BIG successful business model ( are they stupid ?), how many people self purchased and gift purchase iTunes gift cards that were on sale. Even if it is self purchase it is motivated by saving (use now use later is irrelevant) to Itunes or any other merchant.


                    Of course in your example is like give me $20 and I'll give you a $30 to spend, but you left out the important point "PROVIDED YOU SPEND IT IN MY SHOP", people are smart and see that type of exchange rate is valuable and Win Win Win. And at the bottom line a 25% discount of goods is no different than a pre authorised purchase of the same totall value. It is still required as in store purchase (online only, not the bricks and mortar showroom). Plus the BC backend administers the balance from start to finish. What someone pays for a GV is irrelevant and non of BC dev teams issue (they are not god police of ecommerce).


                    And think about this, Joan wants to give Sally a gift to the value of $100 and can provide that for an outlay of $75 and at the same time  they save Sally the issue of exchanging a product for size / colour / style when Sally can select and pay for the $100 product herself. Or would you rather Sally gets the wrong gift and has to endure the inconvenience of exchange and wait till she can wear that new Top or Dress or Shoe, Jacket etc.


                    It is obvious that there is a need, and to prohibit this is restrictive for no good reason.  "I have never heard of any business doing the way you described online or in real life." I think you just didn't notice it happening - start looking and you will notice it, it is becomeing much more common and the sheeple will eventually catch on.


                    Normal is not necessarily the best way as you can see, normal is thinking inside the box, it lacks innovation. iTunes did not develop to what it is today because they followed normal. Normal is for Sheeple - herd mentality followers!


                    I am sure you are not a Sheeple Brad, otherwise you would not have suggested the exact same thing on the answer you originally provided 1 year ago. The process to sell em works seamlessly, it is the redeeming of a discounted GV that Aobe block. This needs to be changed and it can't be hard to disable the blocking of the activation.

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                      Peter-AM Level 1

                      After a little trial and error, there is a work around that allows this to happen


                      1. sell gift voucher as normal with a discount code
                      2. customer gets invoice and a good deal
                      3. GV reciever gets the GV code and message ( plus canned message saying they will be informed when GV is activated)
                      4. Site admin amends the GV code to something added on end  GV12345567  becomes GV12345678-x
                      5. Site admin copies all the GV info to note pad or similar
                      6. site admin disables original GV ( GV12345678-x )
                      7. site admin creates new GV adding all original info copied from notepad, and giving the new GV the original number GV12345678
                      8. site admin adds ( Gift voucher now active ) to the message box and sends email
                      9. Reciever does not have to be issued a new GV number which would be confusing, they use the initial one.


                      Yes this is a bit of stuffing around thanks to system designed to protect idiots who give system wide discounts and can't be bothered selecting specific catalogues, They would quickly learn to be specific, but at least it can be done and a sucessful campaign can be actioned.


                      Steps 4 - 9 are necessary under current BC as a workaround, and takes about a min. But an unnecessary use of a min due to bad system design.


                      And remember selling is just an exchange of value, a GV is just another form of currency / product to be traded, and ponder this thought - a GV has an automatic silent upsell process built in regardless of the size of the GV amount. It just works


                      Hope this helps your sales process

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                        mrgumbyman Level 1

                        First: The comments above regarding selling gift cards at a discounted rate are ridiculous. iTunes do this constantly. Peter-AM is spot on with his assessments, great upsell. It's also useful to increase customer base.


                        To contribute my own experiences:

                        We're selling gift cards at a discount for customers to buy as gifts for friends and family at Christmas (if they want to turn around and use them as a discount on anything in store, bully for them!).

                        1. If a customer buys only a gift card, it cannot be redeemed and we must follow steps above to rectify
                        2. If a customer buys only 2 or more gift cards, the amount is summed and only one gift code is generated. We have to complete steps multiple times.
                        3. Customer buys a gift card and another product outside the discount, the gift code IS REDEEMABLE