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    download video quality poor




      I urgently need to download a recording that resides in adobe connect 8 (i.e. make offline) to supply to someone so it can be published. Downloading the recording by making if offline through the web site is easy. It plays the video and saves the file locally as a .flv file on my computer. A bit frustrating that you need to do this for a long recording, but it does work.


      The problem is, the quality of the downloaded recording is very poor. It is no where near as good as the one recored when viewed on line and simply not close to good enough.


      I have talked with the adobe connect help desk and they cannot advise how to download the video without loss of quality. 


      I have worked out how to download (i.e. fetch) recordings using the adobe connect desktop. That pulls down the raw .flv files and plays them. In addition, I have worked out how to down the zip file by appending 

      /output/recording.zip?download=zip at the end of the recording URL. This gives me the raw .flv files.


      In both instances, the downloaded .flv files are the same (whether I use adobe connect desktop or use the URL method). These files that are downloaded are of the same quality (good quality) as the orginal recording when viewed from the web site. That is great.


      But, the video and audio are two different .flv files. I have done some research and I understand why adobe do this and that's fine.


      However, I need a single .flv file with the video and audio sync'ed. I cannot work out how to do this.


      I have tried importing the video and audio .flv files into three different video editing programs to merge them, but in each instance, the programs tells me the files are not readable (though VLC will play them). It appears they are not standard .flv files.


      How can I download a single .flv recording with video and audio without the substantial quality loss from adobe connect? Or how can I merge the downloaded video and audio .flv files?


      Thanks... this is quite urgent.