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    Styles being dropped on network shared folder files in Dreamweaver CS5.5


      Hello, apoligies if this has already been solved but I could not find anything similar. Recently we have upgraded our staff from Dreamweaver CS4 to CS5.5 and are having some issues with pages dropping the stylesheets which are linked relatively. The relative files are located on a shared network drive which is mapped in Windows 7 as a drive (e.g. My Computer shows the drive as R:).


      In Dreamweaver design view up the top it reads:


      Address: file:///R|/acrrm/tinnitus/course_content/001.html


      and there is a yellow bar up the top which reads:


      'common_styles.css' is a remote file and cannot be edited.


      We never had this issue before so I was wondering if it was a new limitation of CS5.5 or if there was something I should look out for in the site definition.


      Interestingly enough I was able to fix this on one machine by randomly toggling the live code/view buttons, havent had any luck doing that to other machines though.


      Any help would be much appreciated.


      Here are the specs:


      O.S: Windows 7

      Version: Dreamweaver CS5.5

      Site Definition: Network shared drive