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        I was going to post today to ask the same question. I hope the silence is because the Adobe programmers are working on a solution. I've spotted a couple of other annoying bugs in Dreamweaver that worry me somewhat. Seems to show a lack of a good testing regime.


        I'm hoping that Apple will reveal new Mac Pros on Monday at WWDC. My MacPro 1,1 is due an update and perhaps the extra power will be enough to cope with DW's dodgy programming. Bit of an expensive way to fix the problem, though

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          Janaki Lakshmikanthan Adobe Employee

          Hi DW Users,





          helped us in nailing down the issue by joining Adobe Connect session from their Mac machines. With their help we could reproduce the "Slow typing" issue at our end in Mac machines (only). Thanks Guys! We appreciate your help. We are investigating the root cause for this issue right now.


          But we could not reproduce the same yet in Windows at our end. So if PC (Windows) users can join Adobe Connect session, it will be of great help! People who are willing to join Adobe Connect session can directly mail me at jlakshmi@adobe.com. We appreciate your cooperation to nail down this issue!





          (PS: You can refer me as She )

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            TWSoftware Level 1

            Hi Janaki


            That's great news! Looking forward to the update in due course.



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              for whatever it's worth, I've been experiencing the same excessive CPU usage w/ DW 6 on a ThinkPad W520 with an i7 processor, Win7 x64 w/ 8 GB RAM. I have a "CPU meter" that shows the activity on all cores, and they pretty much all light up-- and continue indefinitely-- while using DW. It's kind of comical that my system runs completely quiet when using PS 64-bit, but goes haywire when running DW, i.e. fan going at full blast, etc. I hope this issue will be fixed soon...

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                Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I've been experiencing the same excessive CPU usage w/ DW 6 on a ThinkPad W520

                Does this occur with a new, blank  HTML page?

                File > New > Blank > HTML > pick any layout...


                Nancy O.

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                  npish Level 1

                  Hi Nancy-- thanks for your reply; wow, it does in fact make a huge difference when viewing the "File > New Document" dialog, as depicted in the attached screengrab. The image shows a grab of DW with the new document selection window open, and the corresponding CPU activity at right, juxtaposed with that of DW with a blank document open. For whatever reason, the CPU activity appears to be normal in the former scenario and excessive in the latter. In fact, I've noticed that the activity is mirrored with pretty much any dialog open-- e.g. the File > Open dialog, the "Manage sites" dialog, etc-- in which case the CPU activity is normal; but at soon as those windows are closed, and either just a document is open-- or even when nothing is open at all-- the CPU activity goes berserk. Very bizarre...



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                    I'm on Windows 7 and was able to replicate npish's scenario. Every time a new file window or even the preference window is open, the cpu usage drops to 1-2% and picks up again when its closed. Bizarre indeed...

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                      npish Level 1

                      thanks for the corroboration aw2xcd; so I'm curious, from the Adobe folks, is this an issue you're looking at and/or addressing in an upcoming DW update?

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                        bunnyslippers Level 1

                        I may have found the answer. I was having the same problem with DW CS6 on my Mac PowerBook (2010-mid-year model, 8GB, high-res, running an external Dell 1620x1200 monitor). I turned off all visual aids, related files, etc, with no change. I just turned off "Show Grid." Voilá! No slow typing. No spinning beach ball. I'm ecstatic. I hope this works for you.

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                          @bunnyslippers - I'm glad you found a solution that worked for you and thanks for posting. Turning off 'show grids' did not work for me.

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                            TWSoftware Level 1

                            Turning off "Show Grid" didn't work for me, either. That's something that applies to design view whereas the slow problem occurs everywhere for me - design view, code view - even scrolling the local files on my disk in DW with no files open is noticeably slower than in any other application.


                            Glad you're OK though, bunnyslippers!

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                              bunnyslippers Level 1

                              So sorry to hear it. :-( I would love to hear if this worked for anyone else.

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                                miric Level 1

                                I noticed the same problem with Dw CS6 on my iMac with Core 2 Duo / 10.7.4 / ATI Radeon HD 4670 256 MB yesterday when intalled tryout. Slow scrolling and typing (I use just Code view). I don't have the same problem on Core i7 / Win7-x64 PC, but I've noticed Dw CS6 on Win7 PC in idle mode takes 13 or more percent CPU usage. O_o


                                Also I noticed when I switch between apps to Dw CS6 on 10.7.4, I see dark grey screen for about 1 sec. before I see Dw CS6 window.

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                                  Ldude32 Level 1

                                  Hi bunnyslippers - I've never used the grid.  I toggled it on, tried it; then off and tried again.  No change.

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                                    I just noticed that I have the slowness problem on a Macbook Pro running DW6.


                                    Previously running DW4 and trial of DW5.5 with no issues.


                                    I do notice the slowness more while editing certain HTML files. The HTML itself is not huge, but the CSS files it links to are large. I tried turning off every feature I could think of.

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                                      The issue is definitely persistant with the Windows version as well. 


                                      Core i7 2620 @ 2.7GHZ

                                      8GB Ram

                                      ATI Radeon HD 6630M

                                      All power setting configured for maximum performance.


                                      I can run Photoshop 64-Bit without issues and only ever reach about 12-16% CPU usage

                                      Dreamweaver 32-Bit is idling at 25% ... yes, idling.  The second it's launched my fan goes insane.


                                      I find the problem mostly occuring whenever I try to save a file I am working on, or randomly throughout work Dreamweaver will freeze/lag for about 2-20 seconds and "stop respsonding" a-la Windows Task Manager.


                                      I am using the Trial Version of Dreamweaver CS6 on Windows 7 64Bit Home Premium

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                                        ArunKaza Adobe Employee

                                        @brandinchiu: Thanks for confirming that you seeing the CPU usage issue on Windows.

                                        can you let us know what is the screen/Monitor size you are using?



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                                          brandinchiu Level 1

                                          1600x900 LED laptop display @ 13'.

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                                            Any update on this?  Would like to upgrade to CS6 but I generally find the ability to type in an app important.  It's just one of those things.

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                                              brandinchiu Level 1

                                              ArunK and I are having a connect session this Friday morning EST to try and hammer out what's happening.  We'll be taking a look at the Windows variant of the problem, but it does mean that they are actively looking for a solution to this problem. Just hang tight.  As for the upgrade, CS6 does offer a couple huge benefits and I would completely recommend it. Big one for me is the faster FTP and improved Live View that actually works well now


                                              Also, new embedded support for JQuery and CSS3 really makes it stand out against traditional IDE's if you're looking for some extra development help.  I'm sure a patch will be pushed out as soon as everything is worked out on their end and they discover why this crazy stuff is occuring.  But at least they're actually working with the community to get it solved rather than just shutting us out with the old Apple trick, aka "We're working on a solution, go away while we bang our heads against it alone".

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                                                zetokore Level 1

                                                Heh would love to upgrade for the additional features but DW is unusable at the moment, I could type a line a text, leave the room, and come back to still see those characters slowly appearing.  I'll be crossing my fingers something good comes out of your session Friday.


                                                On a side-note Sublime Text 2 (OS X) also exhibits this issue, but not nearly as bad.  The larger I make the editing window, the less responsive typing becomes.

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                                                  brandinchiu Level 1

                                                  Hmmm. Would be nice if someone had access to the Developer preview of Mountain Lion to see if these issues persisted in the new version of OS X.  I don't have DW on my Mac so I can't check : (.  But there must be some kind of efficiency error happening somewhere if there are issues in the Windows version too.  I don't really get screen shuddering or lag, but Dreamweaver is eating up 25% of my CPU cycles while idling, which is insane for a something which is for the most part just a text editor.


                                                  I certainly hope I can help them figure out the problem.

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                                                    TWSoftware Level 1

                                                    I was wondering how things were progressing. Really keen for a fix to this as, like others are experiencing here, I can go and do something else while I wait for DW CS6 to catch up with my typing - even though I've sized the window down on my monitor as much as can.


                                                    I hate to say it but it looks to me as if the beta testing on DW wasn't up to scratch as there are a couple of other really annoying bugs that I hope are also fixed in the next update.


                                                    1) A small point, but bringing up find and change, typing in to the top box and then pressing tab to go to the lower box - doesn't. The tab order isn't correct so you have to physically click in the lower box before you can type.


                                                    2) Auto-complete dropdowns. Sometimes these appear and then won't go away again without quitting the application!?!


                                                    These 2 problems happen all the time and I can't understand how they weren't picked up during testing?!

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                                                      ArunKaza Adobe Employee


                                                      For the first point mentioned, is this on Mac platform?

                                                      If yes, then please note that we are actively working on a fix and release plan to get that fix to you at the earliest.


                                                      Can you elaborate more on the second issue that you have mentioned here?


                                                      Also, what are the other major annoying bugs/concerns that you are seeing in DWCS6?




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                                                        ArunKaza Adobe Employee


                                                        Until we are investigating on slow typing issue on windows and getting a fix for it, you can choose to reduce the size of your document and see if it helps in increasing the speed?

                                                        I know this is not a good workaround, but worth a try.


                                                        Are you on windows or Mac?



                                                        • 65. Re: Slow typing in DW CS6 / OSX?
                                                          bunnyslippers Level 1



                                                          Customize Favorites (Insert > Customize Favorites):


                                                          1. This window should be resizable. I have to scroll and scroll and scroll to find where you may have hidden the command I want. You can't get there by typing the first few letters of the word, either, because that only jumps by section, not by command. If I don't know where Adobe might have stuck the command, it's useless.

                                                          2. Any tag in the tag library should be available to add to the Favorites list. I want to add h4, h5, h6. I can't. In fact, the only way to insert these tags without typing them by hand, is to use the Godawful "Tag Chooser" (which I'll get to later.)

                                                          Background activity window


                                                          1. "Server timed out. Cancelling....". This is the #1 complaint I have, and from the looks of the forums, it's the #1 complaint overall. The window just sits there until you force-quit the application. Pressing "cancel" does nothing. Closing the window gives you a warning that you will cancel the activity (oh, hope-against-hope), but it doesn't work.

                                                          2. We need to be able to keep this window open (preferably dockable) and keep the "details" triangle tipped down—I can't think of a time when I would want to bring up this window and NOT see the detail. To have to open it every time is a pain.

                                                          Tag Chooser (Insert > Tag)

                                                          1. This window gets in the way. It should be dockable, like most other panels, and closeable with the standard keystroke combination (Command W, on a Mac) or "X" in the upper left corner, as with most windows. The "close" button is in a nonstandard place, and it's annoying. Same with the "Find/Replace" window.

                                                          2. The commands I want are buried three or four layers deep beneath unintuitive headings. I'm looking for the "div" tag, so I try "Page composition." That sounds like it would refer to page structure—i.e., layout,  but no—page composition includes a "general" subheading (why??) which then yields link, base and meta tags—head elements. Why not group these in a category called head elements?? Next I look under "page elements." Surely, a "div" must be a page element. But no—instead, I get "applet" and "marquee." WTF? Finally, I find "div" under the Formatting and Layout heading...but first I have to scroll through tags I will never, ever use, like <blink> and <wbr>. WBR???

                                                          3. I want to be able to edit, reorganize, and hide or at least dim commands right in this window. I also want to be able to change the font size.

                                                            The tag chooser, therefore, is useless, because in the time it takes me to find the tag I want, I could have written the code myself ten times over.


                                                          More later.

                                                          • 66. Re: Slow typing in DW CS6 / OSX?
                                                            ArunKaza Adobe Employee


                                                            Thanks a lot for all the detailed explanation of the issues. I would request you to kindly submit them seperately through the below link:



                                                            Submitting them will get registered in the system internally, and would not get lost here in threads.




                                                            • 67. Re: Slow typing in DW CS6 / OSX?
                                                              bunnyslippers Level 1

                                                              I will do that. Thank you.

                                                              • 68. Re: Slow typing in DW CS6 / OSX?
                                                                brandinchiu Level 1

                                                                I created another user account and tested Dreamweaver again using the same parameters you asked of me last night, and no luck.  Was still consuming the same 25% CPU on the other account. Hope this helps, and good luck on finding a fix for us!

                                                                • 69. Re: Slow typing in DW CS6 / OSX?
                                                                  zetokore Level 1

                                                                  My trial has expired so I can't retest I'm afraid, but from what I can remember I believe shrinking the window did help but I had to keep it so small it wasn't practical.  I'm on a Mac.

                                                                  • 70. Re: Slow typing in DW CS6 / OSX?



                                                                    Thought Id throw in my 2 cents...cause it might be useful... to start.. SWIM has2 coppies of DW.. a licensed CS6.... and one that may or may not have an unlicenced copy on it...


                                                                    However, SWIM  can confirm, this problems happens on both PC's


                                                                    SWIM runs 2 seperate duplicate   quadcore i5's 16gb ram. win7  (that should be enough about the computers)


                                                                    WIth out confirming or denying anything, SWIM has seen an unreseolved issue of DW (legal or non), put what could have been my computers at 32-35%...at idle... with a drop on menu over to almost 0...


                                                                    heres my potentially usefull info...


                                                                    if Processexplorer is run during DW, One might see that DW (with related files turned off)  is looping through previously related files on the hard drive.  at  rate of 50-100 per sec...


                                                                    One might also see many odd processes and registry keys get run evererey 10-15 mins...... such as location awarness,  a ping to google maps,  accessing the temporary internet files,    and, t looks as though DW runs through the entire set of .Dll's in system 32..  I have to assurmae that some of those are not useful to Debi.


                                                                    So a potential sussupicion that no one one has spoken about yet,  That all Progrmas (PS ID AI...etc)are like this, DW, was just not as tight as the others in regards to layout, code or whatever.. Either way... not sure...


                                                                    Or Since DW should require 1 of the lowest requirements for processing...It would be smart to putt software on the Mac..


                                                                    But I can assure anyone who has hacked a copy of this software, regardless of  following the sheet, and replacing host files... Adobe probably knows about it.  Watch the processes through processmonitor sometime... u'll see what i mean


                                                                    google Process Monitor by the way, is a free microsoft tool...


                                                                    anyway, you could probably deny DW Access to all of those .dll files,   which might help..

                                                                    • 71. Re: Slow typing in DW CS6 / OSX?
                                                                      brandinchiu Level 1

                                                                      Hmmm, that's really interesting, and would definitely cause Dreamweaver to consume the above-mentioned CPU cycles.  If someone from Adobe can confirm that this is intended behaviour that would be great.  That would also explain why opening menu-dialogs would drop the CPU back to 0% as it halts all background processes from the application and forces you to deal with the window.  My software is gonna be done soon, so I'll be picking up my version of Web Premium on Friday.  I'll follow-through with some more tests, and if the problem persists as you mentioned, I will eagerly await a patch from Adobe.



                                                                      Thanks for the comment!

                                                                      • 72. Re: Slow typing in DW CS6 / OSX?
                                                                        Center for Peace Studies

                                                                        Has there been any resolution to this? I am experiencing the same problem in CS6 on Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, 4GB RAM, Optiplex 790, i7-2600 3.40GHz. Typing is incredibly slow, since I can't see what I am typing I make lots of errors, then backspacing is insanely slow. It's making Dreamweaver unusable for me.

                                                                        Other details:

                                                                        Switching to the app using alt-tab is VERY slow (~6 seconds to get the window to activate and draw)

                                                                        Reducing the window size seems to help speed but makes the program unusuable

                                                                        I use WebDAV to connect to my web server and have a site defined in Dreamweaver that points to the W: networked drive. This used to work well.


                                                                        thanks for any updates

                                                                        • 73. Re: Slow typing in DW CS6 / OSX?
                                                                          brandinchiu Level 1

                                                                          Not yet. Last I've heard from Adobe was last week during a connect session. I'm assuming that a fix is in the works, they couldn't afford not to.

                                                                          • 74. Re: Slow typing in DW CS6 / OSX?
                                                                            Center for Peace Studies Level 1

                                                                            Thanks for the information. I wonder if Adobe would provide an older copy of DW to work with in the meantime?

                                                                            • 75. Re: Slow typing in DW CS6 / OSX?
                                                                              TWSoftware Level 1

                                                                              Although I don't doubt that Adobe are working on a fix for this, I'd recommend not bothering with an older version as I've found them to be pretty unstable too. I've stuck with Dreamweaver for a few years now and each update seems to introduce new bugs while not fixing many of the existing ones. It's a shame, as the rest of the suite seems to be pretty solid. I don't have problems with Photoshop or InDesign but DW since version CS2 has crashed on a regular basis and CS6 just adds to this by introducing new bugs, crashes and situations where you have to force quit the program because it's not working properly.


                                                                              My advice is to either hold on and hope for a fix or look for an alternative application to use.


                                                                              I had a session with Adobe about the slow typing 2 months ago and soon after they said they could reproduce the problem but it's been pretty quiet since then...


                                                                              If I sound fed up, then it's because I am. I'm sure Adobe are doing their best but DW has been by far the worst performing Adobe application for so long now that I've got to the stage where I'm going to actively look for a replacement.

                                                                              • 76. Re: Slow typing in DW CS6 / OSX?
                                                                                Ldude32 Level 1

                                                                                TWSoftware - I agree with 100% of what you said.


                                                                                For two entire months, although able to reproduce the bug,  no betas or patches - that's pretty poor.

                                                                                I started this thread to raise the issue the day after CS6 became available (nearly 3 months ago).


                                                                                3 months is pretty much a quarter of the lifespan of the product if they are to update every year as they have said they would since introducing CS5.5 rather than the previous 18-month cycle.


                                                                                I'm way too familiar with DW after 12+ years of use, and some great new features have come along the way, but to release CS6 with a broken FTP and a broken text editor... well... isn't that the CORE of the functionality?


                                                                                Imagine buying a car that could not go above 15 miles an hour (slow typing), and sometimes, would not turn (FTP)...  Wouldn't the manufactures put EVERY POSSIBLE RESOURCE into fixing it ASAP - even reverting back to CS5.5 code if necessary?  I'm dumbfounded that being able to reproduce it for 2 months there is no solution offered up to us.  Even the FTP bug (the other big problem) has had a beta release (which didn't fix the problem entirely for me - I no longer have to force-quit, but every now and then an upload will stall & fail.).


                                                                                If I had a bug of this magnitude in one of my products, I would not sleep until it's fixed!  In 2 months I could


                                                                                I was foolishly lured in by DW CS6 finally being in a single window on the Mac like every other Adobe app rather than floating windows everywhere (that took an awful long time to make it to DW didn't it?).


                                                                                I've spent a lot of time trying things out, giving feedback, debugging & even setting up an environment to demonstrate & help Adobe replicate the problem. I feel a bit stupid that I paid for this upgrade since I'm forced to mainly use CS5.5 to get anything done.


                                                                                Coda 2 was mentioned earlier in the thread by others, it is the closest thing I've found to DW - it looks very nice - DW could learn form them - and I luckily bought it whilst it was on sale back in May so I'll be starting some projects exclusively on that soon.  It's certainly a more mac-like application although not prefect for me  - it does have some omissions, so I'm not really certain as to what to jump to, but I too am actively looking for alternatives - for the first time in 12 years!


                                                                                There's also Espresso - again, nice but doesn't seem to support Classic ASP or ASP.NET...


                                                                                UltraEdit is now on the Mac, but it's ugly as anything, and not very mac-like...

                                                                                • 77. Re: Slow typing in DW CS6 / OSX?
                                                                                  TWSoftware Level 1

                                                                                  Ldude32 - I totally agree. I saw the single-window interface and thought things had changed for the better. It sounds like you've been going through a similar thought process to me. I've been looking at the same alternatives you mention. There's also TextMate, Sublime Text and BBEdit to add to the mix.


                                                                                  After lots of thought and experimenting I've decided to go for Coda 2. I bought a license at the weekend (it's still 25% off). I agree with you, it's not perfect however I work in code view all the time and it's ideal for that. Adding my existing DW sites has been pain free and I'm enjoying not having to contend with the DW bugs I've been putting up with for what seems like far too long now.


                                                                                  A part of me thinks it's a shame to have to spend out money on a new web editor when Adobe will continue to get the same amount from me for my Creative Cloud subscription. After the reduced-rate year is up I'm going to look carefully at what programs I use and can see myself buying Photoshop CS6 and going back to my DVD's for InDesign CS5 and Illustrator CS5. Taking DW out of the mix makes the membership option seem rather pointless.


                                                                                  I hope, for the sake of the others on this thread who are sticking with DW, that the many problems are resolved soon. I wish you all luck!

                                                                                  • 78. Re: Slow typing in DW CS6 / OSX?

                                                                                    A real nightmare...

                                                                                    How can Adobe make so bad software and so expensive !!!

                                                                                    Dreamweaver CS6 is just a real big nightmare, SLOW, SLOW, SLOW....

                                                                                    No way to work with this, open is slow, but worst is the scroll of the page, code or/and design VERY VERY SLOW....

                                                                                    GoLive was the best of all HTML editor, intuitive, Mac style, no need to read any manual, but you must with DW....

                                                                                    GoLive had a very good CSS editor, but in DW, nothing, look like we are idiots for Adobe and don't need to have any wysiwyg CSS editor...

                                                                                    Need to learn the bible of DW, before you can work with it....

                                                                                    Had to move to DW after installing Lion Mac OS X, very sad about this, but after many bad try, I had to read the manual for first time in my life (like Windows user), and did see that all intuitive use was gone away, OK did it, no choise...

                                                                                    But now, with CS6, a new nightmare... You can use any other HTML editor, all are 1000% better as DW and 10000% faster...

                                                                                    Hope Adobe will stop take use for idiots and make a usable DW version...

                                                                                    We are on Mac, with MacPro 2x3GHz Quad Core, 16GB RAM, and a SSD hard disk on 10.7.4, with this config it's juste a BIG NIGHTMARE, did try it on a MacBook Air 1.7GHz Core i%, 4GB RAM, SSD hard drive, almost same nightmare, just a little faster...

                                                                                    Please Adobe developer's, do correct this SAP...

                                                                                    All user of CS6 of DW, should request refund for this bad software

                                                                                    Sorry to talk true's like this, but to match is to match...

                                                                                    Thanks to fix this...

                                                                                    • 79. Re: Slow typing in DW CS6 / OSX?
                                                                                      brandinchiu Level 1

                                                                                      I'm not sure about the Mac version, but an update just went out for the PC version a little while ago.  If there is an update, you can try to see if it fixes anything.  I may download the trial for Mac and test it out with Mountain Lion to see if there is still an issue (don't see how it may fix it, but worth a try).