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    Unicode Khmer font display problems in FrameMaker 10?


      How do I get Khmer OS or any unicode Khmer font to display properly in FrameMaker 10?


      I am working with cambodian files in FrameMaker 10.

      This is what it looks like in Word (this is how it should look)

      NiDA Chenla Font Test From Word.jpg

      This is how the same texk looks in FrameMaker 10...


      NiDA Chenla Font Test from FrameMaker_Page_1.jpg

      The font is NiDA Chenla and I was able to fix this is ID CS5.5 by turning on the World-Composer.

      Is there something similar in FrameMaker 10.

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          CTSRick Level 1

          I am a litle disappointed in Adobe Support. I used to do FrameMaker support back in the old days and one of our "jobs" was to cruise the forums and try to answer questions. If there was no fix we would at least log in as a forum user and let people know there was no fix. From March to July I would have hoped that someone from Adobe support would have trown me a bone and at least told me there is no solution. This may not be a big issue for a lot a people but when my production team actually proposes switching to word instead of FrameMaker (because it works fine in word) I would hope tha Adobe would be concerned about the potential for loss of business.


          I remain a loyal but frustrated FM user.

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            Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Have you actually contacted Adobe Support? The forums are a user-to-user concern – some staff hang around, but it’s mostly just users. If no-one took a stab at your post, then it’s likely that no-one knows the solution for your issue. Does it look ok in any output you produce (PDF, WebHelp, etc.) or is the font munged up there too?

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              Harry28586 Level 1

              Hi CTSRisk,


              Probably spread and stretch option in Character designer might get if fixed for as i dont know the language,i am assuming the language is ok and the only problem is the spacing between them.


              If yes,kindly goto character designer and change the spacing between them.


              I apologize for the late response,however sometimes its not possible to answer on the forums quickly for us.


              Let me know in case i understood the question wrong.