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    Auto-select precision in Photoshop CS6 is incredibly frustrating

    Billy D Stagg

      I have been using CS6 for a while now and one problem that I keep encountering is the auto-selection of shape layers. Trying to auto-select a layer that's within 10 pixels of a shape layer is impossible without having to zoom in. This is a little hard to explain without images... Cue image...


      If you try to recreate the above image, where the black 20x20px rectangle is a shape and the red 38x38px rounded rectangle is rasterized pixels, you will see that auto-selecting the red rounded rectangle is impossible at 100%.


      Is this intentional and just an issue for me? Selecting pixel layers in CS5 was never this annoying. It seems that shape layers have an invisible 10px area around them stopping you from selecting anything below them. This is so frustrating with pixel UI work.


      I have hunted for a solution but haven't yet found one and there doesn't seem to be any options to disable either. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.