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    Creating DVD from HD project


      Somebody somewhere must have had this problem...


      I created a HD project (i.e.full HD 1080i) lasting about 2 hours. I succesfully burnt this to AVCHD. I decided to burn the same project to DVD, but this created problems with just the main menu (which would not display as widescreen, only 4x3 with either silver or black bars on left/right of screen - see my post from a couple of days ago - strangely the scenes menu and the footage was ok and this is not a DVD player problem). This was using the "outdoor" wedding template. If I used the "elegant" menu there were no such problems - I now realise this is because the "outdoor" template has an HD logo in the right corner whereas the "elegant" menu doesn't.


      Okay - so I exported my HD timeline project as a PAL DVD Widescreen mpg, opened up a new project, imported the saved file and then burnt to DVD, which worked BUT with a noticeable deterioration in picture quality and synch issues. AND I've now got to re-do ALL the scene markers - a real pain. Is this the only way to do this? I understand the logic of setting your project before you begin working so that the clips can be edited efficiently, but surely this shouldn't affect the final exported project as it seems to? Yes, I could use the menu template that is not HD, but I don't want to!


      Any help/suggestions? It really shouldn't be this complicated....Using a MAC.

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          Steve Grisetti Mythic

          There is no reason you should not be able to just use Share/Disc/DVD to output a DVD from your original project. However, this will need to be a dual-layer DVD disc, since you will not likely be able to fit 120 minutes of footage on a standard DVD disc. (At full quality, you can fit about 70 minutes of video on a standard DVD disc.)

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            John T Smith Legend

            I know that Encore requires being run using the "Run as Administrator" option to create a dual layer DVD - http://forums.adobe.com/thread/969395


            Is that also true for Premiere Elements?

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              martinpat1 Newcomer

              In actual fact, the footage is less than 2 hrs and is not recorded at highest quality, but that's not the issue here, the main menu is. It refuses to display in widescreen, and it's not a DVD toggle problem - the black bars are being recorded as part of the image (tested on different machines and computers - the image initially displays in 4x3 including black bars, then expands to fill the full 16x9 screen but incl. black bars).


              Although the scenes menu is full screen, it’s not perfect - the arrows do not highlight in the correct place when navigating around the scenes. So there is clearly an issue of scaling, which I put down to the fact that Elements is using the HD menu template and not a standard template, because the project settings are HD.


              Using the General “Fun” HD menu, the same thing happens, but in reverse, i.e. the main menu displays fine (although the bubbles when navigating around the screen are incomplete) and the scenes menu is 4x3. Both of the New Baby “Watercolor” menus show as 4x3.


              So, my point is that it’s not possible to use an HD menu template if recording to a DVD.


              Try it for yourself and please prove me wrong!!!

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                John T Smith Legend

                >not possible to use an HD menu template if recording to a DVD


                Of course not... a DVD is SD (Standard Definition) not HD... rather than make the program try to fit HD into an SD screen, use an SD menu for a DVD

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                  martinpat1 Newcomer

                  Which sounds pretty obvious...but it means that if I want to use that particular template I have to start again from scratch with a SD project setting...a massive undertaking to do the whole timeline again....or export my HD project to an SD file...which creates the problems I explained in my initial post...or use an unwanted template without the HD logo...


                  Not very satisfactory! It should give the option of the SD template - it exists, after all - and it's not unlikely or surprising that somebody would want to create a SD disc if they're using HD source material. I want to create identical versions in DVD and AVCHD formats.

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                    martinpat1 Newcomer

                    Ok PROBLEM SOLVED. If you're having the same issues as me - and I refuse to believe that nobody else isn't...there MUST be people out there who need to create a DVD of an HD project for people who don't have a blu-ray player!!!!!!! Here's a workaround.


                    Simply trick the software into thinking it's using an HD template when in fact it's using the widescreen SD template. Find the templates and RENAME the HD psd files with the SD psd file names. It works a treat.


                    So, if any Adobe programmers out there are reading this...sort it out!!


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                      John T Smith Legend

                      >any Adobe programmers out there are reading this


                      This is where you talk to the Adobe staff https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform

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                        the_wine_snob Legend

                        The easiest workflow to go from an HD BD Project to SD DVD is to first remove the HD Menu Sets, by choosing AutoRun. Then, Export/Share the HD Project to DV AVI (no Menus yet), with the Widescreen 16:9 PAR. Then, create a New Project for DV (NTSC, or PAL, depending on where one lives), Widescreen, and Import that DV-AVI file into it. Then, add the appropriate Markers and SD Menu Sets, and Burn to Disk.


                        Good luck,



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                          martinpat1 Newcomer

                          I did try exporting to PAL DVD Widescreen using the MPEG option (is this what you mean by DV AVI?) and then creating a new project, but I found the quality of the video wasn't great and there were synch issues.

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                            Steve Grisetti Mythic

                            As Bill said, you should output using Share/Computer/DV-AVI, not MPEG. Then you will not have the sync or quality issues.

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                              the_wine_snob Legend

                              DV-AVI is a very specific "flavor" of AVI. The AVI format is common, BUT can contain myriad CODEC's. With a DV-AVI, you are specifically using the DV/DVC CODEC, that is limited to just specifcations of DVD, for either PAL, or NTSC (depends on where one lives), and a PAR that either produces Standard 4:3, or Widescreen 16:9. The pixel x pixel Frame Sizes will be set to those of either the PAL, or NTSC sizes. The Audio Stream should be 48KHz 16-bit in the PCM/WAV format, which will yield uncompressed Audio. DV-AVI is very mildly compressed, and unless one is doing many such compressions, will not be seen. DV-AVI is also all I-frame, so that the full data for EACH Frame is included in the file. This then allows Frame-specific editing, with no restrictions, beyond being limited to full Frames.


                              MPEG is a much more heavily-compressed format, and again with several possilbe CODEC's. MPEG-2 is the final Encoding for DVD-Video. At some point, the material WILL be Encoded to MPEG-2, which will then be wrapped in the VOB "container" for insertion into the VIDEO_TS folder, along with IFO and BUP files, that can be played from a DVD player, either a set-top player, hooked to a TV, or via a DVD software player on the computer. The ideal workflow is to NOT Encode to MPEG-2, until the final step in authoring the Timeline to DVD-Video. The reason for this is that MPEG-2 is heavily-compressed, and is also GOP (Group of Pictures), which will only have I-frames about every 15 - 18 "difference frames." This can also limit where one can successfully edit. See this ARTICLE for more info. As one WILL be doing the MPEG-2 Encoding to author a DVD-Video, every time that it is applied, some quality will be lost, so hold off on this, until the final step - actually authoring the DVD-Video.


                              PrE will do this automatically, when doing Burn to Folder, or Burn to Disk. Note that with some 3rd party authoring software, the user might be required to do this manually, and then Import that MPEG-2 file into the program, where it will NOT be retranscoded again. It is the retranscoding to a heavily-compressed format/CODEC, that we wish to keep to an absolute minimum - we know that it will happen at the end of the workflow, so work hard to eliminate any other heavy-compressions, until then.


                              Hope that this helps explain why the DV-AVI output for additional editing.


                              Good luck,



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                                martinpat1 Newcomer

                                I can't see the option to export to DV-AVI. From Share/Computer my options are:


                                Adobe Flash Player







                                Under QuickTime there is the possibility of PAL DV - is this it?!

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                                  the_wine_snob Legend

                                  Just re-read your OP, and in the last line, got the reason for no DV-AVI - you are on a Mac. I had missed that.


                                  Yes, the QuickTime PAL-DV would be the choice.


                                  I apologize, for my mistake - just missed it, and you furnished that info at the beginning.


                                  Good luck,



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                                    martinpat1 Newcomer

                                    Ok - thank you!