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    v19 Android Adobe Content Viewer dumped my folios

    Andrew Smith Level 2

      I fired up our Xoom this morning to preview some article changes and upgraded the Adobe Content Viewer.  Unfortunately I was greeted with an empty library, even though I had 10 or more already downloaded folios before the update.  I was viewing one right before the update was installed.  After signing in all the folios show up in the library, but they show as not having been downloaded yet.  Did I do something wrong, or will my customers have to re-download entire folios that were already downloaded to their devices prior to the Adobe Content Viewer update?  After the v18 ACV update I had to update an article in each folio for them to be viewable (which was not ideal) but at least it only forced one article to be re-downloaded.


      Has anyone else experienced this?  I haven't started getting calls about this yet but I'm sure they'll be coming soon if it's not just me that's losing their downloaded folios.