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    Dreamweaver and CMS



      I'm hoping someone can help me and I appreciate this has been brought to everyones attention about 1000 times over but there is still some things I need to be made clear...


      I'm new to the world of website design/CMS and I have a new client who wishes to update a series of different blogs in her website, but she wants a very unique design created. I'm using illustrator, slicing it up and then adding it into dreamweaver, can a cms blog such as wordpress be put into an ap div or a particular section of the website so I am still able to keep this unique design she has requested?


      I've read so many forums/sites explaining how it works I just wanted to clear it up. Will I have to confirm to my client that its either a particular blog design or no blog and having the design?


      Hope this makes sense.


      I'd really appreciate some feedback!


      Thanks alot