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    Is this possible....


      Our system is based on distrubutors, we as the company are the central ordering point online for the distributors - ANY customer that orders HAS to click on a distributors page first before getting to the cart. We treat this as an affiliate program essentially.


      While the commission information is available overall and I have it embedded into the distributors admin panel I built... is there a way to have more detailed information, e.g. the distributor can see WHO(name only) ordered... ?


      Is there any way this could be accomplished ?

      Thanks in advance,


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          mario_gudelj Most Valuable Participant

          Well, when someone makes an order, the system will create a CRM record for that person. That info can not be displayed on the frontend, so you'd have to connect to the site through the BC's API framework and then pull in that info and present it to distributor.




          BTW, I'm sorry if I've misinterpreted your question as I can not fully get my head around it.





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            TomCuneo-MLT Level 1

            No y ou got it right, one issue im having via another forum post is the some of the data isnt getting put into the crm - but yes you got it correctly, I just needed to know if it was possible, even via the API :-)


            Much thanks!


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              TomCuneo-MLT Level 1

              That link was exactly what i needed, the web services API is perfect for this - When i first started working with this system I had some doubts but I keep peeling away layers of flexibility at every turn. I am enjoying learning it and "developing" in it and in the end we are building a very powerful application/system that might be a good model for Adobe marketing case study (you can email me direct if that really comes up) :-)


              Thanks again,




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                TomCuneo-MLT Level 1

                Ok - Ive read over this and understand it overall - I do not see a way in the supported functions to retreive for example, a customers name that is associated with a specific distributor's id via the affiliate program...


                Essentially I want to out put the data like so......


                In the distributors area I made, I want to have a section that is titled "My Customers"


                Under my customers lists like this:


                "My Customers"

                Customer Name |  Date Ordered  |  Order Commission


                Jane Doe           |     07/20/2012   |     $10.00

                Jeff Doe             |     07/21/2012   |     $10.00




                The "Customers name" would be the customer that ordered under their "affiliate link". Our distributors deal with their customers on a very local level, this will allow them to see which in their own customer lists they keep has ordered so they can do follow ups, etc.....


                If this was mysql I would simply query the orders table for the 'customer name' 'where' 'addifiliate Id' = 'distributors affiliate ID'  and output that on the distributors secure login area.


                Is this doable using the Web Services API? Did I miss something on this aspect? :-)

                Thanks in advance for the assistance everyone....

                Tom Cuneo

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                  TomCuneo-MLT Level 1

                  Anyone able to help a newb? :-) I am under the gun to get this working.. e.g. figure it out LOL


                  thanks in advance community!


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                    TomCuneo-MLT Level 1

                    Bueller... Bueller... 


                    I am a newbie to the SOAP thing, the one basic thing i cannot figure out is how to interface SOAP to the BC DB information... Do I just put the XML in the file on the server and include it?   I know this is basic stuff for some and I desperately am hungry to learn it but i need some direction, tutorials, how to, or even a simple example to get me going in the right direction....

                    Thanks again!


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                      Sidney Mitchell Adobe Employee

                      Hi Tom,


                      The only documentation that we have can be found in the API articles.


                      - http://kb.worldsecuresystems.com/635/bc_635.html


                      Otherwise I would definately suggest posting a new topic in the API section instead to possibly get some further help with your set-up. 




                      Kind regards,


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                        TomCuneo-MLT Level 1

                        I hope the devs are going to be writing some more in depth docs at some point with examples, tutorials, etc - the docs are very lacking, it was only by scouring forums posts did I find a start point example of how to get into the API using php and through watching other developers videos, etc  - but it wasn't by using the adobe docs I found what I needed, which is kind of disapointing that more care wasn't placed on that aspects with such a large behemoth of a company like Adobe....




                        BTW this is the code that cross referenced a custom "referred by" field since the affiliate program information isnt accessible via the API directly... wishlist??



                        $results = $client->__soapCall('ContactList_Retrieve', array('parameters' => $param));



                        $tmpBase = $results->ContactList_RetrieveResult->ContactRecord;



                        for ($i=0;$i<count($tmpBase);$i++) {

                        $tmpreferrer = $results->ContactList_RetrieveResult->ContactRecord[$i]->crmForms->CrmForms->crmFormField s->CrmFormFields[0]->fieldValue;



                        if ($tmpreferrer == "Affiliate Name")


                        echo $results->ContactList_RetrieveResult->ContactRecord[$i]->fullName . "<br>\n";





                        Now to figure out how to cross reference order information with this output - grrrr -

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