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    HTML Tags Don't Work When Text Resized

    odedreturns1 Level 1

      I have a text field that gets populated dynamically.  If the populated text doesn't fit in the text field, the text gets resized.  HTML tags work correctly in the dynamically populated text, but only if the text doesn't get resized.  HTML tags are completely ignored in resized text.  Any ideas?


      Code to format the text field:

      import flash.text.TextFormat;

      import flash.text.Font;


      function setDesc(str:String):void{

        var fmtD:TextFormat;

        var cfmtD:TextFormat = this.desc_txt.getTextFormat()==null ? this.desc_text.defaultTextFormat : this.desc_txt.getTextFormat();

        var sizeD:int = 22;

        desc_txt.htmlText = str;

        while (sizeD>10 && sizeD<23 && desc_txt.textHeight>255){


           fmtD = new TextFormat(descFont.fontName,sizeD,0x000000,false,false,false);

           desc_txt.htmlText  str;





      Code to populate the text field:

      function openDialog(e:MouseEvent){



              case "btn_structure":

                  dialog_window.setTitle("Title #1 Goes Here");

                  dialog_window.setDesc("Topic description goes here.");


              case "btn_services":

                  dialog_window.setTitle("Title #2 Goes Here");

                  dialog_window.setDesc("<b>Topic</b> description goes <i>here</i>.");




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            Kyle517 Level 1

            I wrote this and it works, maybe this will help:


            var txt:TextField = new TextField();


            txt.width = stage.stageWidth;

            txt.height = stage.stageHeight;

            txt.multiline = true;


            var format:TextFormat = new TextFormat();

            format.size = 20;

            txt.defaultTextFormat = format;




            var str:String = "here <br> <b> are </b> <br> some <br> html <br> <i> tags </i>";


            txt.htmlText = str;


            //stop the script here and the font size is 20.


            function resizeText(o:TextField, size:int):void


                var newFormat:TextFormat = new TextFormat();

                newFormat.size = size;




            resizeText(txt, 12);


            //stop the script here and the font size is 12.

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              odedreturns1 Level 1

              Solution found on another forum:


              var desc_txt:TextField = new TextField(); addChild(desc_txt);

              function setDesc(str:String):void{

                var sizeD:uint=22;

                var fmtD:TextFormat;

                fmtD = new TextForm(descFont.fontName,sizeD,0x000000,false,false,false);








                while(sizeD>10 && sizeD<23 && desc_txt.textHeight>255){


                   fmtD=new TextFormat(descFont.fontName,sizeD,0x000000,false,false,false);