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      I have a really quick question.  If I plan to use two different templates to create one website, can I create one template with a wrapper tag and the other with a container tag?  The reason being that the dimensions for both will be different.  Thanks ahead of time.

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          MurraySummers Level 8

          A wrapper tag and a container tag are the same thing, you know?  Your question is a bit odd as a result.


          However you can certainly have more than one template in a site (although it's not optimal), and each template can have a different layout design.

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            Ivy54 Level 1

            Right, the wrapper tag will be used to create one template (ex.  dimensions will be 800 x 933) and the container tag will be used to create another template  (ex. dimensions 600 x 933).  The header and the menu bar will be the same, it's just an adjustment in the content area.  Does that make sense?  Do you have another suggestion?

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              MurraySummers Level 8

              Not really.  In your mind, what is the difference between a 'wrapper' tag and a 'container' tag?


              If the question you are asking is "Can I create two templates for a site, one of which specifies a page width of 800px and the other of which specifies a page width of 600px?" then the answer is "Certainly you can".

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                Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I don't like using multiple templates either.  A better approach might be to create two CSS Layout classes:


                #wrapper {margin: 0 auto; border: 1px solid green}


                .layout1 {width: 900px}


                .layout2 {width:500px}





                <div id="wrapper" class="layout1">

                This is layout 1



                <div id="wrapper" class="layout2">

                This is layout 2



                Does this make more sense?



                Nancy O.

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                  Ivy54 Level 1

                  There is no difference between a wrapper and container tag. 


                  Sorry, let me rephrase my question.  If I use a container tag for both templates and each template has 2 different dimensions won't dreamweaver get confused?  That is why I thought using a wrapper tag for one template and container tag for the other template would be less confusing. 

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                    Ivy54 Level 1

                    Thanks, that helps and thank God I didn't start creating another template before asking. 

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                      Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      I should add, that you can accomplish this with only 1 Template by making the class attribute editable in your Template and Child pages.  See F1 (help) making an editable attribute in Templates.


                      Nancy O.

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                        MurraySummers Level 8

                        So let me try to clarify:


                        A container tag and a wrapper tag are both HTML elements that can contain other HTML elements.  For example, a div, or a table, or a paragraph, or a span, or a list element are all containers and at the same time can all be wrappers - it's like TO-MAY-TO vs TO-MAH-TO.  An image is NOT a container or a wrapper.  Neither is a break, or a horizontal rule.  Your continued use of these two identical ways of referring to HTML tags is confusing you.


                        Now, you say "each template has 2 different dimensions..." and I say "HUH?".  Let's cut to the chase - show us an example of what you are wanting to use for the two templates (the code please).