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    Clean Upgrade Installation


      I bought my original copy of Photoshop many years ago (Version 3.0). I later upgraded to version 5.0 and then again later to version CS.


      Due to a hard drive crash, I now need to do a fresh install. My upgrade copy of CS requests proof of my ownership of 5.0. I insert my "upgrade 5.0" CD and it is promptly rejected. I do have my original "full version" 3.0 floppies, but CS requests proof of a "full" version of 5.0 which I never had since my 5.0 was an upgrade from 3.0.


      How does one fix this problem? Can I do a fresh install of my CS upgade?

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          Curt Y Level 7

          All you need is the s/n of the qualifying product.  In this case looks like PS5.

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            McLainStudios Level 1

            Thanks for the reply Curt, but that's not true. The installer would not work with simply the serial number of the qualifying product (which I had and tried).


            I found a solution on my own for anyone else that might be interested:


            I had a backup copy of the hard drive file folder that contained the "Photoshop Installation" on my old computer.  I copied the entire contents of that folder from my backup disk to my new machine and then told the installation program to verify my upgrade installation by checking that specific folder for the older qualifying product. It accepted that my machine had a previous valid installation and proceeded to fully install a fresh copy.   Problem solved.


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