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    Creating an interactive PDF from AutoCAD

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      I have a private office typical in 3D, using AutoCAD 2010.  I'd like to send the client an interactive pdf so they can manipulate the views to see which ever angle they prefer.  I'm having trouble understanding how cad, acrobat X and Tetra 4D work together to accomplish this. 


      I was told to export your DWG files as a STL, STEP or IGES file.  The only option I have is an .stl, but when I select that, it asks me to "select solids or watertight meshes:"  When I try to select my 3d objects (the Privat office), nothing happens.


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          Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          The Tetra4D plugin converts 3D models from various formats into the two supported model types for PDF (U3D and PRC). Acrobat X Pro can only create 3D annotations from those two file types. AutoCAD files (DWG/DXF) are only supported as 2D drawings and AutoCAD cannot export U3D or PRC, so to move a 3D model from AutoCAD to PDF you must export via a mezzanine format such as IGES or STL, which Tetra4D's plugin can then import.


          PRC supports b-rep and tesselated mesh models. b-rep expresses the scene in curves as AutoCAD does, with 'solids', whereas tesselated meshes approximate the model using triangles. Tesselation is useful to prevent someone extracting a perfect copy of the model, but with complex organic shapes the files will be larger. U3D only supports tesselated meshes.