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    PE 10 Scene seperation ?


      When I capture video in PE 10 there is no scene seperation even though there are say 10-12  stop and starts on a 10 minute video with totaly different scenes. How do I get it to do it?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Is your video coming from a miniDV or HDV tape-based camcorder?


          If so, ensured the option to Break Scenes by Timecode is selected in the capture window.


          If your video is not miniDV or HDV, it does not have the necessary timecode.

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            daved47 Level 1

            Im using miniDV tapes with timecodes. Looking at the capture window, my options are,  capture to timeline or split scenes. Below that there is an arrow next to a grayed out content. If I click on the arrow I get two options, a grayed out time code or a white lettered content that is "checked'.  I cant get that to change to time code and the "check" by content doesnt go away if I click on it. How can I get it to change? I dont know if this makes a difference, Im using the downloaded trial version trying to figure out if this is the right program for me.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              I'm assuming you're connected to your camcorder by FireWire.


              If so, what operating system are you using? There's an issue with Windows 7 64-bit that can cause capture problems.

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                daved47 Level 1

                Connection is by 1394, firewire.  I have Windows 7, 64 bit. Anything that can fix that issue?

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                  John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  See if this helps...

                  Legacy Driver and Capture http://forums.adobe.com/thread/869277

                  - And a Picture http://forums.adobe.com/thread/727755

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                    daved47 Level 1

                    Its capturing the video and audio, its not seperating the scenes.I just changed to the "legacy" driver, I dont see any difference.

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                      daved47 Level 1

                      Why when I try and change to break scenes by timecode is it  "grayed" out and unchangeable ? What do I need to do to get it to let me make the change ?

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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                        Did you fix the video capture drivers, as John recommended?

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                          daved47 Level 1

                          Yes I did change to the legacy driver, no change in how things work. I have switched to the full version of elements 10 from the trial version, I can see no difference with my issue. All of my previous posts were regarding HD capture. That said, I wanted to capture a standard defination video and the program did allow for breaking scenes by timecode. It still wont do it for HD. Along with that, capturing SD video I can see what is being captured in the capture window but not when I capture HD. In HD I see a bunch of writing in several languages but no video or sound. But yes, it does capture the video and sound. What needs to be done to fix that?

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                            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                            Try capturing with the free utility HDV Split and see if you get different results.

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                              Jerry Mann Level 1

                              I am having the EXACT same trouble as @daved47 was having, but I am on an iMac. Has this issue ever been resolved? Should I post a new thread about it? I am resorting to using iMovie because not having my scenes split out is terribly frustrating for someone like myself who is just trying to learn PE10 for the first time.

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                                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                Which problem are you referring to, Jerry?


                                If you're not getting scene breaks when you capture miniDV, did you select the option on the Capture screen?


                                Can you confirm you're capturing from a miniDV camcorder over a FireWire connection?


                                Have you ensured that time and date is set up your computer?

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                                  Jerry Mann Level 1

                                  Steve, thank you for taking on this topic again, but this time for Mac.


                                  I am trying to get PE10 to split scenes by timecode, but it is not even allowing me to check that button in the capture settings (I can see the option, but it is greyed out). Like daved47, I had at least 10 scenes in the video where I stopped/ started recording. I am using FireWire... and my iMac's time has always been automatically set by  internet connection.

                                  Here are all my vitals:

                                  I am on an iMac, OS 10.6.8, PE10, capturing from a Canon HV20 HDV camcorder with a firewire connection. I am capturing to an external Raid 0 (mirrored) drive. Capture settings : Full Motion, Video and Audio, Not to Timeline, Split Scenes by Content ***option to Split Scenes by Timecode is GREYED OUT, NOT ABLE TO CLICK IT ON*** . I have tried selecting Capture to Timeline and other variations, but the Timecode option is always unavailable.




                                  Message was edited by: Jerry Mann, to add a few more tidbits of info.

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                                    JMJarrige Level 2

                                    I think scene split by timecode is possible in DV mode, not for HDV mode, with PREL (it is the case for my

                                    9.0 version on iMac). I think I have seen this somewhere in the documentation or in a book on the program.

                                    One solution seems to be by using HDVsplit according what I have read in this forum (thanks Steve),

                                    another one I use is to do the capture with iMovie, which recognizes well my Sony HC9 HDV cam, then import

                                    the videos in PREL from the iMovie events folder.

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                                      Jerry Mann Level 1

                                      Wow, JMJ... amazing how PREL cannot split the scenes, but crummy ole iMovie 7 (from 2008!) will split scenes. Actually, as I was reading your post that is just what I was doing... capturing in iMovie for potential import into PE10... I say Potential because I am not so sure there is much benefit in using PE10 over iMovie v.7. I am going crazy trying to just get started for the past 2 weeks. It is so awkward, even after watching a bunch of tutorials.


                                      I did find interesting info on scene splitting software at the link below, as there does not seem to be an HDVsplit for Mac, only PC.



                                      Any other thoughts?



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                                        JMJarrige Level 2

                                        Hello Jerry

                                        Sorry for HDV Split, I was not aware of the fact it was Windows only. I don't use it  on my Win laptop.

                                        Scene splitting is possible on HDV input, on the Mac, by using the scene detection function. But it takes time

                                        after capture.

                                        I separate the scenes during capture manually, when using PREL, to manage the way I want to organize my clips folder for

                                        a movie. Sometimes, I also capture in iMovie as a 'back-up'.

                                        Another point : import is different than capture, in the way it does not copy any file, only pointers to the clips.

                                        It's not an issue to capture with iMovie, then import with PREL : the original video files are in iMovie folders,

                                        and you can then use PREL capacities which I use basically. Mainly the fact, in my opinion, you can have

                                        multiple video tracks, something not present in iMovie (or Movie maker in Windows).

                                        Bon courage

                                        JM from France.

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                                          Jerry Mann Level 1

                                          Hey JM, I appreciate your extra input. I have a few thoughts to add, plus a couple extra questions for you.


                                          My subject was a band performing multiple takes on stage, from the same camera position, so Scene Detection was not able to find the cuts. Next time I will put a card in front of the lens at the start of each take (or, heck why not a clapboard/ slate, which would also help immensely with synching tracks and my identification of takes... Wow... is this a new idea? LOL!)


                                          When you say, "I separate the scenes during capture manually, when using PREL" are you saying that you stop capture after each take, and then go back into capture for the next take? That sounds promising. Also, it would be a great way to get familiarized with the footage. I think the DV age has pushed many of us farther and farther away from maintaining shooting logs, logging in footage on paper (or in a .doc)--not to mention using a clapboard/ slate!


                                          You said: "It's not an issue to capture with iMovie, then import with PREL", but I was wondering if there is a quality difference between iMovie's .mov files and PREL's .mpeg files? I am working with footage from my HV20 and my Canon 5Dmii.


                                          Due to the subject matter and and having a second track to synch to, I will definitely be editing this project in PREL. I just find it very hard to navigate the clips. I might do a rough cut in iMovie and use those notes to do a final cut in PE10.


                                          Do you do this kind of work, that is, live music performance video? If so, I sure could use a tutorial on workflow and editing techniques. The online tutorials have so far been very rudimentary. If you know of any good existing sources for this, please provide  links... when you have time!


                                          Much appreciated,


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                                            JMJarrige Level 2

                                            Scene separation on input HDV : I stop capture (via PREL recording button of course) when I consider it's a new

                                            clip. With PREL, there is only viewing on camcorder when recording in HDV mode.

                                            In your case, as the camera does not move, it's probably necessary  to use something to signal take start.

                                            I have not noticed major issues on the quality of movies, the Apple codec used by iMovie being at a good level for HDV.

                                            But this could be checked.

                                            I am in a small group of video "amateurs" in my small town, and we often record movies during local music schools

                                            concerts (Jazz, classical, pop): for editing, as we have several takes of the same piece, we use tools having multicamera

                                            function. The last Final Cut Pro X, from Apple, has facilities to manage  different video input, and has a great capacity

                                            to synchronize automatically the takes, by adjusting on the sound tracks.

                                            With Adobe, PREL has not this function until now, unlike Premiere Pro which can edit multicam input, as Sony Vegas on PC which

                                            was delivered with my HC9.

                                            I have found (in France) books on Premiere Pro explaining how to manage multicam, for the experience on filming we learn

                                            as we say here 'sur le tas', which means by doing.

                                            Bon courage