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    Font recognition in InDesign CS4

    gopaljay78 Level 1



      I am facing one font issue in InDesign CS4.


      The issue is, one of my InDesign composer install Univers font. But he actuall install both Postscript (Type 1) and OTF version of Univers font. Due to this, the InDesign does not recoganize the font correctly. (Also, the indesign does not show the font missing information).


      That is, when we open the "Find Font" window, it shows the OTF version font is used within the InDesign. And at the same time, in the "Control" pallet, only Postscript version font is showing.

      Due to this we found it difficult in applying the OTF fonts.


      When we uninstall the Postscript version font, the problem is solved.


      My question is, whether InDesign does not recognize the correct version of font when both Type 1 and OTF fonts are installed. Is this bug in InDesign.




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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It's been way too long since I used InDesign CS4, but I don't remember that being a problem back then.


          In more recent versions of InDesign I have installed (CS5.5 and CS6), there seems to be no problem.


          Here are two versions of Optima (T1 and TT):




          Here are three versions of Zapf Dingbats (OT, TT and T1):


          Zapf Dingbats.jpg


          If there were a problem in CS4, your best bet is to do a workaround as you have done. There won't be a bug fix for it.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            A lot depends on the internal file naming in the fonts. If they have the same name that ID is reading, then there is a problem. Most OT fonts with Postscript outlines are named as Std or Pro at the end, and ID has no problem distinguishing them, but many based on TT outlines, especially from Microsoft show the old TT names and caue problems when they are installed next to another font with the same name.

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              gopaljay78 Level 1

              Thanks Steve and Peter for your suggesitions. This is really helpfull to me.