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    AE Crash trying to get the user 'language' registry key

    von Elling

      This is a strange crash I get just opening all sorts of different AE projects.


      <140735243008352> <ASL.ResourceUtils.GetLanguageIDFromRegistry> <0> Unable to obtain the User 'Language' registry key at: Software\Adobe\After Effects\10.5.1\ Defaulting to 'en_US'.


      It happens on a wide variety of projects just on opening them. Almost all are 720p. but some have footage, others are just PSD or other image files (PNG, JPG). Many of them have trapcode particular 2.1/form 2, but some don't. 


      I have to find another project, open it, and then hope it doesn't cause a crash. If not, then I can go back and open the project that crashed upon opening and it works fine. It may open a few times without problems, and then upon opening it another time, it will crash with the same warning.


      I have a MacPro 2.66 GHz quad-core with 16GB RAM running 10.7.1 with an ATI Radeon HD 4870 card with 512MB of memory.


      Seems rather bizarre to crash on trying to get a language registry setting, so any ideas for correcting this would be most helpful.  Thanks.