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    Hyperlink Trouble After Exporting to PDF

    KarynRH Level 1

      I ran into this problem with one link out of many last week and never figured out how to fix it. Now I have a document with only one link, and that link isn't functioning properly. The link is clickable but takes me to a 404 error page, although the link works fine in Word and Outlook. It's to a members-only site so no one here can go to it but I've included the link below:

      https://netforum.avectra.com/eweb/DynamicPage.aspx?Site=MAPI&WebCode=EventDetail&evt_key=1 10cd302-3f15-4017-b4d1-3930a4356218


      I'm wondering if either the change to CS6 has altered how hyperlinks are converted, or if perhaps I've unknowingly changed something in my settings? I can't imagine it's the latter since I use a preset and if I had changed something, it would have "(modified)" after it, but I'm otherwise at a loss. After the document is converted to PDF, the link becomes:

      https://netforum.avectra.com/eweb/DynamicPage.aspx%3FSite%3DMAPI%26WebCode%3DEventDetail%2 6evt_key%3D110cd302-3f15-4017-b4d1-3930a4356218


      What can I do to fix this?